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Secular Student Alliance Speakers


The national Secular Student Alliance has placed these speakers on the Bureau for your benefit. They are not representative of SSA's entire staff and do not necessarily represent the SSA when speaking. If you're interested in having one of the speakers below come to your school and give a presentation, click here to fill out our online Speaker Request form.

Lyz speaking at TAM 2012Lyz Liddell

Director of Campus Organizing at the Secular Student Alliance

Lyz will happily speak on:

  • the rise of secular students
  • the importance of Interfaith
  • will run leadership training on various subjects with your group.

Gordon Maples

SSA Regional Program Manager and Regional Campus Organizer for the Southeast

Gordon can speak on:

  • Expanding Your Group In Harsh Territory
  • The Secular Student Alliance Regional Program
  • Branding and Advertising Your Secular Student Group
  • The Pragmatic Case for Seculars in Interfaith
  • Southern Heathens: The SSA in the Southeast
  • Individual / Small Group Training on Running / Starting an SSA group

Jessika Griffin

SSA Regional Campus Organizer for Illinois/Indiana/Kentucky region

Jessika can speak on:

  • Effectively utilizing Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, and other online media
  • Group structure and organization
  • Planning big events
  • Working with religious groups
  • Beyond campus: Reaching out to the local community
  • Secular activism: why it's important and how to get involved

Neil Wehneman

SSA Development Director.

Topics include:

  • What the Christians Are Doing Effectively (From a Movement Perspective)
  • Christian Apologetics
  • Separation of Church and State
  • The SSA Partnership with Freedom From Religion Foundation
  • National Initiatives of the Secular Student Alliance (e.g. Secular Safe Zone)
  • Fundraising

Evan Clark

Vice Chair of the Secular Student Alliance Board of Directors

Topics Include:

  • The Growth of the Secular Student Movement
  • The Importance of the Secular Student Alliance
  • The Next Generation of Secular Leaders
  • Radical Humanism
  • Entrepreneurial Humanism
  • Our place in interfaith

Kelly Freeman

Communications Associate for the Secular Student Alliance

Topics Include:

  • Feminism & Fiber Arts - a talk about devaluing what is considered 'women's work'
  • Forming a progressive network or coalition at your university
  • Getting media attention for your group
  • Getting involved with the national secular movement
  • Building diversity and community in your group
  • Kelley is also happy to lead workshops on leadership transitions, social and traditional media, and how to make your meetings more effective and fun!
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