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SSA Scholarships for Student Activists


The Secular Student Alliance is proud to offer five $2,500 and six $1,000 open scholarships for individual secular student activists!

One of the $1,000 scholarships is reserved specifically for students attending a Historically Black College or University

Two of these scholarships are reserved for the the Simon-Strauss Scholarship, available exclusively to high school secular students in California. There is one $2,500 and one $1,000 scholarship available.

The Florida Humanist Association is giving two $1,000 scholarships to secular students going full-time to a college or university within the state of Florida. Each student will get an all-inclusive ticket to the FREEFLO Conference (Freethought Florida Conference) on Oct 20-22, 2017, in Orlando, a hotel room for Friday and Saturday night, and a stipend towards travel. Applicants will be judged by an SSA and Florida Humanist Association panel to receive this scholarship, and continue to be eligible for the SSA Scholarships.

So what do we mean by 'activism'? To us, activism is any activity that spreads secular values and normalizes secular identity through structured organizing. While activism can include large-scale projects like spreading the word on social issues, education issues, community building, and similar projects, it can also consist of more personal actions like being visibly secular within your community and campus. These actions have an impact, and so we want to encourage this activism!

To qualify: You must be a student, currently enrolled full-time in a United States university or college*, a member of the Secular Student Alliance, and apply by midnight (PST) September 1st, 2017.

*Except applicants for the Simon-Strauss scholarship.

Applications open July 31. You must apply by September 1. Winners will be notified by email by September 29, as well as announced publicly, and receive a check to the provided address shortly after. Please note that if you have concerns with being publicly identified as secular, you can let us know on the application - it won’t disqualify you from the process.

Matt's Top Five Recruitement Tips


Matt Enloe led an SSA group during his undergrad, at Oregon State University, and remains involved at University of Chicago Law School. He is also a member of the SSA National Leadership Council, a select group of students and recent alumni who are chosen annually based on their exceptional leadership and experience.

Advance our values and build a better secular world


With the current political climate and the blurring of lines between religion and politics, the role of the Secular Student Alliance to support atheist, humanist, and freethinking students is even more important.

Not only must we provide a place for students to feel at home with their non-belief and counter the overwhelming religious presence at many universities, we must also advance our values and build a better, more just, secular world. The Secular Student Alliance is uniquely positioned to foster secular students to become secular activists and future leaders of this country.

By making a donation you help our students develop into activists and leaders.

When I think about the political paradigm in our country in 2017, I just have to shake my head in disbelief. We have a president who in 140 characters almost daily disrespects women, immigrants, and non-Christians, denies logic and facts from our intelligence agencies and scientists; and claims to be Christian.

Hello everybody!


I'm very excited to be joining you, the wonderful SSA staff, and this amazing organization. Before we jump headfirst into the fray, let me start by telling you a little bit about me.

I grew up in a Catholic family. My mother was heavily involved in the Church... but she didn't agree with its stances on every issue, especially its views about women and the lack of equality in the Church.


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