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Joining the Secular Student Alliance

Thousands of students across the nation are members of the Secular Student Alliance.

Joining the Secular Student Alliance is quick and easy.  If you want to start a new chapter or register an existing secular student group that is not affiliated with us, please fill out the form with your contact information and one of our campus organizers will be in touch with you soon.

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martha t

“Our chapter has tripled in size in the last year. We have become one of the most active organizations on campus, and it is a club that students are eager and excited to join. Everyone on campus knows about SEMO SSA and our mission. We strive to be a positive force in our community and create an environment for people to embrace their true selves.

-Martha, Southeast Missouri State University

“My goal is to provide a home for every student who might be afraid of losing theirs if their loved ones know they don't think the same way. I want to make sure that the government and religion are kept apart in order to ensure the ideals that our founding fathers had for this country. Above all, I want to help promote a culture that values secularism and scientific reason.

-Landon, University of Central Florida