Sarah Henry for Florida Representative

Sarah talked about running for office when she was in elementary school and she has always been passionate about making a difference in her community!

When student members of the Secular Student Alliance leave college, they go off to do great things.  We are proud to have Sarah as an alumna of the Secular Student Alliance.  Sarah also served on the SSA Board of Directors and worked for the American Humanist Association.

Sarah is now running to represent District 38 in the Florida House.  Sarah says she will be a voice in Tallahassee that fights for affordable housing, investing in our students and schools, lowering costs for working families, and for the rights of women and minorities who are so often spoken over.  “I’ve watched as bright young college students graduate from great local schools like UCF, Valencia, and Seminole State, but find themselves having to leave as the burdens of student loans, rising rent, low wages, and skyrocketing cost of living make it impossible to build a life here.  And, as a young woman myself, I’ve watched as women have had the ability to make decisions about their own reproductive health revoked by men in Tallahassee who have been in office since before I was born.”

You can find out more about Sarah Henry at


Daniel Duncan is a non-student member and supporter of the Secular Student Alliance.  Running for South Carolina House 14, Daniel said “we have to give these folks a reason to show up in November.”  You can find out more about Daniel at duncanforsc.


The Secular Student Alliance is not endorsing either candidate.  However, we are proud our alumni and supporters are trying to make a difference in their communities through civic engagement – one of our core values!


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