Students from University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez bring relief to residents in the wake of Hurricane Maria

Gerardo Rivera, the president of the SSA chapter at UPRM has been leading the effort among the atheist and humanist community in Puerto Rico to bring much needed relief to those who are suffering, two months later, from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria. Today, over half of the island is still without power.

Gerardo and his team haven’t been shy about their atheism while doing this work and the local residents have been very receptive, even though the vast majority are Christian.
“We were vocal in telling people that we were atheists, and the people told us that they don’t care what we believe, but they think that God sent us to help them. One old lady said, ‘I have no problem with atheists, but deep down in my heart I know that God sent you, so I hope that God blesses you.'”
—Gerardo Rivera

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