Secular Student Alliance National Conference

Fundraising tools

There is money in your Student Government and Office of Student Activities to help you cover the expenses of getting to the conference. And we have resources to help you, too.

1. We've created a guide to help you access the funding that is available to you on your campus. Click here to check it out and start today putting in your request.

2. SSA has it's own GoFundMe-style fundraising app that we've customized for you to raise money for your travel and living expenses. Click here to check it out and create your very own fundraiser. It's super easy to use and if you do get stuck, we're here to help.

3. SSA national office has travel assistance funds you can apply for. When you register for the conference you can also apply for travel assistance.

With all this help, there's NO reason you can't be in DC for the most amazing national conference yet!