Secular Student Alliance Conference Conduct Policies

  1. Name tags: Wear your given name tags at all times during the conference. This enables us to know who you are, if you belong here, and if photographs of you can be publicly posted. Note that a red lanyard means that the person wearing them has asked that their pictures not be used or posted online. Respect these people’s preferences and do not upload pictures of these individuals to the internet, Facebook, or other media.
  2. Food & beverages: No food is allowed in the conference rooms. Beverages are acceptable, but take care not to spill.
  3. Do not litter! There are plenty of trash cans and recycle bins around the building to dispose of unwanted stuff. Clean up after yourself in the classrooms.
  4. Noise: Keep extraneous noise to a minimum while the conference is in session. Please set your phones, laptops and other devices to silent mode.
  5. Legal: Follow all Ohio State laws and policies regarding tobacco, alcohol and other substances.
  6. Harassment: SSA is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of race, color, national origin, age, creed, worldview, disability, veteran status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. We will not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form.

Harassment, bigotry, and violence create feelings of fear, uneasiness, humiliation and discomfort. It is an expression of perceived power and superiority by the harasser over another person. Sometimes, even when our actions are not intentionally hurtful, what we say and do can hurt others or make them feel uncomfortable.

Sexual harassment is a form of sexual violence. Sexual harassment and sexual violence is any unwanted attention of a sexual nature, including:

—Remarks about appearance or personal life

—Unwanted flirtations or advance

—Offensive written or visual depictions like graffiti or degrading pictures

—Touching someone without their permission (groping, grabbing, hugging, petting, biting)

—Sexual demands, pressure, propositions, or requests for sexual activity

—Graphic comments about an individual’s body or dress

—Verbal abuse, including sexual insults and name calling

—Rewards for granting sexual favors or the withholding of rewards for refusing to grant sexual favors

—Sexual assault, rape, and sexual violence.

  1. Physical relationships: SSA staff and non-student conference leaders/speakers shall not enter into a sexual relationship with students at any time during the conference except in cases in which there is a prior intimate relationship. If you choose to form a physical relationship with a fellow attendee, please keep in mind that such relationships should always be safe, consensual, and legal. Obtaining affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement from all parties before engaging in sexual activity constitutes consent. Passive consent, silence, and intoxicated consent are NOT consent!
  2. Residence hall policies: If you are staying in the OSU residence halls, read and follow all policies (provided with registration). This specifically includes the following:
    • No alcohol is permitted anywhere on campus, including in the residence halls.
    • Do not allow anyone not registered for your room to stay in your room, both for safety reasons and to avoid intruding on your roommates.
    • Contact SSA staff if you have an issue with your room assignment
  3. Discipline: We reserve the right to remove you from the conference if your behavior is in violation of these policies. Your cooperation in following these guidelines will ensure that our conference is a welcome and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  4. Emergencies: If you experience an emergency, please call 911.