6 things you’ll miss if you aren’t at the SSA Conference

The 2018 SSA Conference is only 6 weeks away, so here are 6 things you’ll miss if you aren’t there!

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  1. Incredible Speakers

    SSA is bringing some of the top secular thought leaders to Columbus, Ohio, for 3 days jam-packed with motivation, education and fun. And while the speakers are only a piece of the SSA National Conference puzzle, we’ve assembled our best lineup yet. From storytelling, to leadership development, to fundraising strategy, we have everything to make your organization even more remarkable.

  2. Practical breakout sessions

    Are you having trouble getting people to show up to your meetings? Don’t have enough money to put on an event? Or maybe you want to hear the most thought-provoking debates and groundbreaking discussions related to secularism/atheism. Our breakout sessions will teach you how to grow a well-funded, intelligent, (peaceful) army of secular student leaders on your campus.

  3. Having Your Say

    Do you want to actually lead the secular movement? Students will caucus in groups during the conference and provide invaluable feedback to the SSA staff. You will also have the power to respond to questions on our conference app using real-time polling.

  4. One-on-one time with thought leaders

    At most conferences, the thought leaders are on the stage and only interact with attendees during brief Q&A sessions at the end of their presentations. Not at the SSA National Conference! We want you to be able to interact with secular student leaders who have been in your shoes. In our breakout sessions, you’ll be able to do just that.

  5. Seeing the Future

    Ok so we are not saying you will be able to time travel if you join us, but our speakers will be showing you the way forward on the current political issues facing the secular community, radical changes to the way you see yourself as a leader, and remarkable strategies for organizing.

  6. Being Part of It

    It’s the largest conference for secular students and therefore one of the largest gatherings of atheist, humanist, secular students in the world. The auditorium and exhibition will be bristling with potential partners you have and haven’t met yet. You definitely won’t meet them yet if you’re not there!

So… to summarize… be there! We have our strongest agenda to date, designed in a way for you to attend the sessions of greatest interest for you and your members. We’ve squeezed as much in as we can and we hope you can be there.


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