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Schedule for the SSA Leadership Track at the Texas Freethought Convention


We're still waiting on a few details from the folks over at the Texas Freethought Convention before we can say for sure that this will be the final schedule, but here's what we have lined up for the SSA Leadership Track at this awesome event! We'll have our own Leadership Track room, although we don't know where it's going to be yet. Stay tuned for details and updates: this schedule is tentative and subject to change!

Keep in mind as you plan your days that there are lots of other events going on at this conference, and some of them overlap with Leadership Track events. Check out the full schedule over at the Texas Freethought Convention website!

Friday, October 7
9:00-11:30amOpen Game Room Join fellow students, SSA staff and your favorite atheist celebrities for some socializing, networking, and games! We'll have several varieties of games, from your Wii favorites to Apples to Apples.
11:30-1:00pmLunch (with main conference; on your own)
1:00-2:00pmAdvertising, Media & PR with Matt Dillahunty, Jesse Galef and Richard Haynes. Learn how to get noticed, work with traditional and social media, and promote your group and events.
2:30-3:30pmOn-Campus Workshop with Jesse Galef, Ashley Paramore, and Nick Stancato. Get the dirt on working with campus interfaith programs, getting funding on campus, and what the SSA can do to help your group.
4:00-6:00pmOpen Game Room
6:30-???pmWe take over Buffalo Wild Wings! Join SSA staff, students, and anyone else excited for a cold age-appropriate beverage and tasty noms at the nearby B-dubs. We'll start around 6:30pm and go home when they kick us out!


Saturday, October 8
9:00-11:00amExclusive Student Breakfast with Richard Dawkins!  An exclusive event reserved for student registrants only.  Join Richard Dawkins for a casual breakfast and conversation.
11:00-noonLeadership Fundamentals. Director of Campus Organizing Lyz Liddell will give a one-hour session on some of the most critical areas of leadership, including delegation and leadership transitions.
12:00-1:30pmLunch (with main conference; on your own)
1:30-3:30pmPeer Problem Solving and One-on-One Campus Organizer Sessions. Need help with a specific problem your group is having? Come join our SSA staff and other student leaders to get hands on help in small group or one-on-one sessions.
4:00-5:00pmGrowing Your Group with Sarah Moglia, Darrel Ray and Kathleen Johnson. You'll learn how to make mistakes and keep growing despite them, what recruitment strategies we can borrow from the religious groups on campus, and how to reach out to nontraditional students.
5:00-6:00pmActivities from Outside the Box with Dale McGowan and Gordon Maples. Learn about new and exciting opportunities for your group in the areas of community service, charity work, and social and political activism.
6:30-8:00pmStudent Dinner! Join your fellow students for a fun dinner without having to deal with forced awkward conversation with people your grandparents' age. Then head over to the main room to see they keynote presentation by Richard Dawkins.

Sunday, October 9
9:00am-noonOpen Game Room & Duck Hunt Tournament: Our Game Room is back! Come join your peers for some laid back board games or a Nintendo Classic Duck Hunt tournament!


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