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Speaker Event Support

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What is the Speakers Bureau?

The Bureau is made up of Secular Movement personalities who have graciously offered to speak, debate, or perform with discounted (or waived) honorariums for SSA groups.

The Bureau is reserved only to current SSA groups and we will do our best to get you a speaker to meet your needs. We offer funding assistance and many of our speakers are very negotiable on their honorarium.

The Speaker Event Guide (below) is a fantastic guide for any speaker event, including a Speakers Bureau event. We encourage you to use it whenever your group is hosting a speaker to help your event be as successful as possible. It covers anything speaker-related, such as one-off speaker events, SSA speaker tours, larger events, and more!

How can SSA help me run a speaker event?

Contact us at any point if you need help or feel overwhelmed at any point in the process. We are here to help as much as possible. By following these steps, you can feel confident that you will have a successful event.

  1. Choose a speaker who meets your group’s needs (if you did not already contact a speaker independently)
  2. Your Campus Organizer will contact you to help out if you requested a speaker
  3. Download the speaker event guide below (even if you are running the event on your own!)
  4. Work out event details and logistics with your speaker
  5. Request SSA funding assistance, if needed
  6. Promote! Promotion is key to having a successful event
  7. Be sure to use the speaker event guide for any questions or concerns
  8. Have an awesome event!




Multi-Speaker Large Event Funding:

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