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Speaker Lineup for Sacramento Freethought Day Leadership Track


We've put together an exciting lineup of SSA staff and student leaders to provide you with a mix of new ideas and time-tested leadership training.

Evan Clark was the the first openly atheist student body president at California Lutheran University, and co-founder of the Secular Student Alliance at CLU. He served as his SSA club president on campus for three years before being elected to the Board of Directors for the national Secular Student Alliance in 2011. Evan currently is a self-employed marketing consultant and graphic designer, and in his spare time is organizing a new local humanist group in Ventura County, CA. Circle, friend, or follow Evan on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter today.Evan Clark
Nick Conrad was brought up as a Mormon in the Seattle area until he lost his religion as a Freshman in college. Since that time he has embraced secular activism. He has led several student groups over the years of his long education at different universities. He has led a Philosophy Club at Bellevue Community College, the Atheist Agnostic Student Group at Washington State University, and the Secular Student Alliance at UC, Santa Cruz. He also wrote an Opinion Column in the Daily Evergreen, the "Atheist Line," every week for a year and half at WSU. Nick has hosted many events over the years with varying degrees of success, the most successful drawing a crowd of over 400 people and the least successful drawing only 4 or 5 people.Nick Conrad
Lyz Liddell is the Director of Campus Organizing for the Secular Student Alliance, coordinating the campus organizing team to deliver the SSA's services and resources to affiliate groups and individual students. She leads development of new resources and helps build relationships with other organizations to promote acceptance of secular students. She volunteers with her local off-campus organization, the Humanist Community of Central Ohio, and is a member of the Challenge the Gap advisory board for Foundation Beyond Belief.
Sharon Moss is the Alumni Director for the Secular Student Alliance. She is a former president of Students for Freethought at The Ohio State University and current president of the Humanist Community of Central Ohio. Sharon serves as the Alumni Advisor to Students for Freethought and is the atheist representative to the University Interfaith Association at Ohio State. Sharon is also a certified Humanist Celebrant with the Humanist Society and is authorized by the state of Ohio to solemnize marriages.
Ashley Paramore is the Secular Student Alliance Development Director. She has been involved in the freethought movement since 2007, when she brought together atheists/freethinkers/humanists in Columbus, OH by starting a chapter of the Rational Response Squad and then later via another organization called Omnipresent Atheists. She went on to serve as the chair of Students for Freethought @ Ohio State from 2007 to 2009. Ashley also served on the board of directors of the Secular Student Alliance from 2008 to 2010.

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