Secular Student Alliance National Conference

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Secular Student Alliance offers a unique outreach and advertising opportunity for secular organizations, businesses, and individuals to reach hundreds of secular student leaders from across the country.


Banner ad on our website


Clickable logo/ad on conference pages of the SSA website. Includes social media posts acknowledging your support.



Sponsor a session

Beginning and ending slides and mention from the emcee (“This presentation is sponsored by the [YOUR ORGANIZATION]…”)


Each addition session sponsorship


Commercial during the conference

Share a 30 sec to 5 min video advertisement for your organization during the conference schedule.


Each additional commercial play


Complete sponsorship package

Includes everything above: banner ad on website, daily playing of your commercial (total of 4), daily session sponsorships (total of 4), and a 45-minute workshop session during the conference by someone from your organization on the theme of the conference.