Secular Student Alliance National Conference

Friday, July 12

5:00 pm

Opening Plenary Session

Why We Keep Going

Building and maintaining communities, as well as engaging others can be extremely challenging. In fact, it becomes so exhausting that wanting to quit is common, and very tempting.
Mandisa Thomas will open the conference by sharing related experiences, and will also explain that even through the rough times, why it's important to push forward and keep going.
Presenter: Mandisa Thomas

7:30 pm

"Hail Satan?" screening and welcome reception

Watch the trailer here

Saturday, July 13

9:00 am


9:30 am

Student Leadership Bootcamp

  • Clarifying values and setting goals
  • Building relationships to grow your chapter
  • The SSA semester: a 15-week template for success
  • CASE: building a well-rounded community
  • Outreach that makes an impact
  • Getting the funding you need 
  • Planning for continuity

Community Leadership Bootcamp

11:30 am

Plenary Session

Making Space for Empathy & Vulnerability: Community-Building in Action

What does community-building look like in practice? In this session, we will break down the barriers to trust and vulnerability to find common ground and forge stronger relationships.  

Presenter: Isaac Gilles

12:30 pm


On your own

2:00 pm

Teaching Feminist, Heathen, Humanist and Black

Sikivu Hutchinson

The Art & Science of Building Vibrant Communities

Isaac Gilles

The Ethics of Star Trek

James Croft

2:45 pm

Making an Impact On the 2020 Elections

Sarah Levin

How To Be an Ally

Kacey Ritter

Building Community Through Secular Traditions

Asia Jackson

3:30 pm

Project Blitz, Religious Exemptions, and "Free Speech" Laws -- What They Mean for Students

Nick Fish

Street Epistemology

Reid Nicewonder

4:00 pm


4:30 pm

Secular Engagement in Interreligious Dialogue

Hannah Minks

Different backgrounds, same secular values

Adriana Buenaventura

5:30 pm

Plenary Session

Secular Virtues and Community Building

Presenter: Phil Zuckerman

7:00 pm


On your own

Sunday, July 14

9:00 am


9:30 am

Regional Working Groups

11:00 am

Plenary Session

Fighting Christian Nationalism

Presenter: Andrew Seidel

Plenary Speakers

Mandisa Thomas

MandisaThomas 7x5

Isaac Gilles

Isaac Gilles 7x5

Phil Zuckerman

Zuckerman 7x5

Andrew Seidel

Andrew Seidel 7x5

Workshop Presenters

Vanessa Gomez Brake

Vanessa Gomez Brake 10x8

Adriana Buenaventura


James Frey Croft

JamesCroft 10x8

Nick Fish

Nick Fish

Sikivu Hutchinson

Sikivu Hutchinson 10x8

Asia Jackson


Sarah Levin

Sarah Levin 10x8

Reid Nicewonder

Reid Nicewonder 2

More information about the schedule and featured speakers will be available soon.

Check back!

We are grateful to be hosted by the Office of Religious Life at the University of Southern California