Apply to Lead the SSA


The Secular Student Alliance has two national leadership options open to student members: the National Leadership Council and student members of the Board of Directors. Read about and apply to these positions below. Any questions? Feel free to email our National Organizing Manager

National Leadership Council

The NLC is a body composed of students and recent alumni who provide guidance to SSA’s national organization and take a unique leadership role within the SSA. Through regular discussions with the NLC, our campus organizing staff are better informed about the state of the organization and receive invaluable advice about how students wish to move forward. The NLC also plays an important role in SSA’s national events, helping to develop workshops and advising in the planning process.

Members of the NLC gain the ability to lead an organization of over 200 chapters on a national level. Their advice and initiatives can be implemented nationwide. They help generalize the successes of individual chapters to the whole organization and provide expert guidance to new and struggling chapters on how to grow and make a more substantial impact. NLC members commit to serve for one academic year.

Board of Directors

Two positions on the SSA's Board are reserved for student members. Student board members serve a two-year term and are responsible for helping shape and guide the organization as it evolves to meet the needs of our student chapters, focuses on core values, and rises to meet the challenges presented by the current political and social environment.

The Board has ultimate decision-making authority for the organization, oversees the national office, and guides the organization through its strategic planning responsibilities. Student Board members work alongside key leaders in the broader secular movement to further secular and humanistic values, and contribute to the growth and success of the Secular Student Alliance.