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2011 Annual Conference Schedule


 It's on!!! So much awesome in one conference schedule? We have it.

While the start times and end times are set in digital stone, the rest of the schedule is subject to change at our whim. We may need to try and cram even more winning into the conference or we might need to shuffle things around.

If you want a handy, dandy list of all the speakers at the conference, just click here.

Your emcees for this shindig will be Lyz Liddell, August Brunsman IV, Jesse Galef, and JT Eberhard.


Time Hitchcock 131 (unless otherwise noted, such as with the game room)

Game room! The game room is not in Hitchcock 131 - it's in the Maudine Cow Room (yes, that's really the name of the room) in the bottom level of the Ohio Union.

All day long we will have video games and board games! It's on like Donkey Kong, which you may be able to play! Ever wanted to race PZ Myers at Mario Kart? Ever wondered what it would be like to jam out with Greta Christina at Rock Band? Think you have what it takes to topple Hemant Mehta at Apples to Apples? Here's your chance to live out these dreams.


Snacks! You like pizza? Soda? We've got you covered! Munchies provided by us!

8:00pm Freethought Backbone Award Presentation and Speech/Q&A.
8:30pm Annie Callicotte - Conference Networking
9:00pm David Silverman - President of American Atheists - A Fight We Can Win
9:30pm Jamila Bey - How Dare You Deny Who You Are!: Authenticity is the ONLY Way.
10:00pmAtheist Jam Session! Dan Barker on piano, Lyz Liddell on every woodwind ever invented...also the trombone, JT Eberhard lending the opera voice. Are you a musically inclined student? Bring your instruments and we shall rock together!

Whoa, WHOA, WHOA! What is this craziness? Breakout sessions? But the SSA's never done that before at the national conference!

True, but this year we're changing the game up in Columbus! We're not afraid to do breakout sessions to pack even more content into our conference! We're epic that way. You'd best bring your leadership A-game in order to handle it all.



Hitchcock 131 Hitchcock 031 Hitchcock 035
10:00am Coffee and Pastries
10:25am SSA Executive Director, August Brunsman - Opening Remarks
10:30am Lyz Liddell , SSA Director of Campus Organizing - Delegate Like A Boss
11:00am Maria Walters - Getting Stuff Done: The Key To Executing a Successful Campaign of Grassroots ActivismSSA Intern, Kelley Freeman - Scholarships and Awards
11:30am Gordon Maples - Expanding Your Group in Harsh Territory
Ed Clint - Transfaith: The New Atheist Interfaith
Katie Hartman - Fundraising August Brunsman - Become a Fundraising Ninja
12:30pmLUNCH TIME! You're on your own, so grab some new friends and go track down tasty noms! Group Starting Lunch, featuring the SSA's very own Assistant Campus Organizer, Andy Cheadle LUNCH TIME! You're on your own, so grab some new friends and go track down tasty noms!
2:00pm Hemant Mehta - The Need for Critical Thinking in Public Schools
2:30pm Amanda Knief - Lobbying as an Atheist
3:00pm Jen McCreight - Diversity in the Atheist Movement
3:30pm Sarah Maddox and Ben Blanchard - Tabling Like A Champ
Suzy Lewis , Promotions Director at the Richard Dawkins Foundation - How to Do a Fundraiser with RDF
4:00pm Jesse Galef - Become a Media Pirate
Conrad Hudson - Publicity
4:30pm Dan Barker
5:00pm Tony Pinn - How to Attract African Americans to Your Group
TAKING A GROUP PHOTO! Throw on your group's tshirt if you have one and make sure you get your weekly shower in, because we'll be on the steps on the west side of Hitchcock Hall!

6:00pm DINNER TIIIIIIIME! PREPARE TO GORGE YOURSELVES!!! Once more, you're on your own! Grab the new friends you've made since lunch and battle over who gets to choose the restaurant!
8:00pm Presentation of the Best Awards!
8:30pm Greta Christina - Why Arguing Religion Is Not A Waste of Time
9:00pm Jessica Ahlquist - Fighting Religion In Public Schools
9:30pm PZ Myers - Godless, Fierce Science!
10:00pmParty Time! We're all headed for Buffalo Wild Wings!


TimeHitchcock 131
Hitchcock 031 Hitchcock 035
10:00am Coffee & Pastries
10:30am Darrel Ray - Leadership
Debbie Goddard Adrienne 'Dren' Asselmeier - Getting A Job In The Movement
Noon Cory Derringer - Succession Planning Franklin Kramer - Service Projects
12:30pm Zach Kopplin - Fighting Creationism In Legislation
Lauren Lane - Running A Big Event
1:00pm Evan Clark - Running A Meeting
Chana Messinger - Branching Out: How Groups Can Work Together
1:30pm Closing Wrap Up Session with SSA Executive Director, August Brunsman

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