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Oct 13

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October Student Leader Meeting

Oct 18


Christian Nationalism and Gun Violence

Christianity, like all religions, contains multitudes--be it peace or violence. Contemporary Christian nationalism, however, has fully embraced a rhetoric of violence and control, and this ideology has spread to incorporate a sacralization of guns. Advertisements, religious sects, religious imagery--the idea of an AR-15 as a holy weapon--bleed into the championing of gun violence itself as a tool of holy war, from TikTok to sermons. Looking at a handful of contemporary American examples, we will explore the problem of Christian nationalism and gun violence in America.

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Jeff Hawkins discusses his new book 'A Thousand Brains,' which heralds a revolution in the understanding of intelligence. It is a big-think book, in every sense of the word - unveiling a theory of intelligence that will revolutionize our understanding of the brain and the future of AI. The book can be purchased at www.athousandbrains.com

Nov 1

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Theistnormativity: Developing Language for the Marginalization of Atheists

In the United States, theistic language is regularly incorporated into political discourses and rituals. The national motto "In God We Trust" and the phrase "under God" in the pledge are key examples of this language. Such language encourages the public to view themselves as a theistic collective and nontheists as outsiders with polls regularly showing that people associate belief in God with Americanism. Nontheists are regularly pressured to perform theism and hide their atheistic beliefs and identities. So much so that, for many nontheists, such behavior is considered "normal." This points to the way that theistnormativity is ingrained in U.S. culture. Recognizing and bringing attention to the pervasiveness of theistnormativity and its relationship to the equally prevalent Christonormativity is an important step in helping to explain the atheist experience in the United States and address the growing threat of Christian nationalism.

Nov 17

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November Student Leader Meeting

Nov 10

SSA Student Member Meeting

Last national meeting of the semester.  Be the first to hear the details about the SSA national conference and tips on getting funds to help you attend.

Secular Student Alliance makes a world of difference, especially to its members who are international students. In November, we'll hear from international students active in their school's SSA chapter about what the organization means to them, and how to effectively reach international students on your campus.

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