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SSA Webinar Series


The SSA will be trying out a series of webinar-based leadership training sessions this semester. Students will gain access to the same great leadership training we give at conferences but from the comfort of their own homes - and for free!

Attendees can anticipate topics like fundraising, dealing with difficult people, becoming more diverse, media relations, being more edgy, service projects, setting goals, leadership transitions, delegation, event promotion, how to hold an awesome speaker event, and how to start a group. This will also give group leaders across the continent increased access to the members of the SSA Campus Organizer Team as well as guest presenters of note, who will all be involved in various webinars depending on their areas of expertise.

These webinars will take place the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month from 7:30pm - 9:00pm EST. While they are free, you will be required to register to attend them. The webinars themselves will generally last 45-50 minutes with the remaining time being dedicated to Q&A.

More will be added, but we have several locked in for our fall webinars:

Aug. 30 - What the SSA Can Do For Your Group with Lyz Liddell & Nick Stancato. Download the slides. (Warning: large file)

Sept. 13 - Promotion: How to Get Noticed with Events Specialist Sarah Moglia. Download the slides. (Warning: large file)

Sept. 27 - Delegate Like a Boss with Director of Campus Organizing Lyz Liddell.  Download the slides. (14.7 MB)

Oct. 4 - Special Encore Session: What the SSA Can Do For Your Group with Lyz Liddell & Nick Stancato.

Oct. 11 - How to Become a Fundraising Ninja with Executive Director August Brunsman.

Oct. 25 - Making Your Group More Edgy with High School Organizer JT Eberhard.

Nov. 8 - Working with Off-Campus Groups with Alumni Director Sharon Moss.  Register now!

Stay tuned for more dates & topics!

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