Secular America Votes

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We recognize the importance of voting in our democracy.  As a secular movement, we want to do our part to make sure every eligible voter is registered and ready to vote in the upcoming election.

Are you election ready?

First things first, let's ensure you have everything you need to represent the secular community in this election. 


We've been organizing all year long in preparation for this election, let us know what you and your organization have done to take action this election. Every action counts. Let's show that Secular America Votes. Complete the form today!

Is your community election ready?

Next spread the word about important election updates and voter registration information. Help to ensure everyone in your community has the opportunity to register safely this November. 

Check-out Secular America Votes' Affiliates and Social Media Communications Toolkit and Non-Proft Vote's Countdown to the Election for sampling messaging. Update your Facebook with one of our Profile Frames.

Be sure to tag your posts #secularamericavotes

Ready to host a voter registration drive?

Every eligible voter should have a fair and equal opportunity to register to vote and to cast their ballot. Millions of Americans miss the opportunity to vote because they don’t know how to register or they miss their state’s deadline to register.

Through Secular America Votes, we will help your local group or chapter plan and host a voter registration drive, provide you with registration information for your state, mail you voter registration supplies, and connect you with other volunteers in your community.

In-Person Drives

Consider hosting a drive-thru drive while distributing hand sanitizer and masks to community members. Check out our How to Host a Voter Engagement Drive Guide for detailed advice and best practices. Then check out SSA Alum Sean Rivera share How to Mobilize Voters Like a Pro! from SSACon 2020.

Virtual Drives

Find out more about hosting a virtual drive in our How to Host a Virtual Voter Registration Drive Guide. Find graphics to promote your drive here.

In addition to utilizing social media to promote virtual registration, you can also host a text-banking drive or email campaign. Check out National Voter Registration Day's webinars on using Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat for registration outreach.

Get Out The Vote on Election Day

Let's show up as a secular community on election day to show we are good without god. On election day sign-up to be a ride-share driver to the polls, volunteer as a poll worker, or support voters waiting in long lines by providing snacks, water, and a place to sit!

Vote early if possible to ensure people that must vote in person on election day have the opportunity to do so!

Stay Updated

We'll continue to provide resources and updated information through the election. If you need support with your efforts or have any questions about our materials please email

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