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Tabling Supplies


The Secular Student Alliance is happy to provide brochures, literature, and other tabling supplies for your group's outreach events. To see previews of what we have to offer, please click here!  For normal requests, please complete the form below. Check out this page for ideas and advice on how to run and manage tabling events at your campus.

If you would like more supplies than what an average tabling supplies request delivers (like an extra banner, large quantities of "What is an Atheist?" brochures, etc.), you can click here to purchase more supplies.  We only charge you what it costs us to have them produced.

If you have received tabling supplies from us in the past, could you please fill out our tabling supplies feedback form? It lets us know how we can better serve your tabling needs.

Are you a new group or haven't affiliated yet? You can still receive tabling supplies! This new group packet is meant to help with small events and tabling. It includes everything  you'll need to get your group started and affiliated. All you have to do is submit the attached form, but in the comments section, please tell us that you're an unaffiliated new group.  As an unaffiliated group, you will receive:

  • A number of our "What is an Atheist?" brochure - based on the size of your school.
  • SSA brochures
  • High School Brochures (if at a HS)
  • Up to 20 of each sticker
  • 10 buttons
  • 20 pens

If you have more than one event coming up, or if you would like to help us out and save on our postage costs, please let us know in the comments that your request is for multiple events and we can send you more supplies so that you don't have to submit multiple requests.

Tabling supplies can take up to two weeks to arrive. If you need supplies for a special event, be sure to submit your request early enough for them to get there!

Please note that we offer only one SSA banner for free to SSA branded affiliate groups every couple years. However, you can get more banners, if your group needs them, at our cost here.

We only offer limited supplies from other national organizations to you in these requests. If you would like to receive additional supplies from those organizations, please head over here and find out how to get more!

We send limited numbers of Openly Secular Toolkits. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Tabling Supplies Request Form

* Required
School, College or University where your group is located *

Affiliate Group Name *

Your Name *

Your Email Address *
So we can contact you if we have questions or concerns about your request.

To whom should this package be addressed? *
This should be a student's name if you want the package shipped to a student's address, or the group's name if you're using a campus mailbox.

Postal address *
This is where we will send your supplies. This address must be able to accept packages! Please remember to include your city, state and zip code.

Check this box if you need anonymous shipping
We understand that some students may live with their parents or have other situations where receiving a package with SSA branding could cause problems. If this applies to you, please check this box and we'll be sure that your package arrives anonymously.

Tell us what you're using these tabling supplies for! This will help us determine how much stuff to send. *

How many students attend your campus? This will also help us determine how much stuff to send. *

Request Your Materials

Consider your event, your audience, and your goals when completing this section.

Please don't just select everything unless you REALLY plan to use it. We have limited quantities of these supplies and we'd rather allocate them to groups that will put them to good use. Please remember that branded materials are reserved for those affiliates using the SSA name only.

At times we may be out of one or several types of literature. If we're only short one or two items out of several, we'll send you what we can. If we're out of a large portion of your request, we'll contact you to work something out. If you absolutely need one kind of literature (for example, FFRF brochures because Dan Barker is coming to speak), please mention that in the comments box. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

Secular Student Alliance Materials
Secular Student Alliance organizational Brochures
Secular Students in Your School Brochures (aimed at High School student groups)
Openly Secular Campaign Brochures
What is an Atheist? Brochures

What is an Atheist? Email Address
We send customized labels along with your brochures. Please provide the email address you'd like us to use for your group. Required for requests that include What is an Atheist? brochures.

And what web address would you like us to include? Required for requests that include What is an Atheist? brochures.

National Organization Brochures
We send small quantities of these. If you would like more of a specific organization, please say so in the comments box below and we will do our best to get them for you.
American Humanist Association
American Atheists
Americans United for the Separation of Church and State
Camp Quest
Foundation Beyond Belief
Freedom From Religion Foundation
Interfaith Youth Core
Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers
Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
Secular Coalition for America

Special Interest Materials
FIRE's Guide to Free Speech on Campus
Freethinker Quote Bookmarks
Literature - assorted "About Atheism"
Literature - assorted "What's wrong with religion"
Literature - about Humanism
Literature - Church of the FSM brochures
Literature - church-state separation
Publications (magazines, newspapers, etc)
SCA Model Secular Policy Guide
Stickers - 'I Support Science' Darwinfish
Stickers - Ask-an-Atheist (Please tell us how many in the comments box)
Stickers - Flying Spaghetti Monster
Stickers - Openly Secular

Event Materials
These materials are designed to help your group put on and/or advertise a specific event. Send photos of your event to [email protected]!
A Guide to Being Openly Secular Toolkit
Ask an Atheist Day Posters (11x17)
Openly Secular branded pens
Openly Secular Educators' Toolkit
Openly Secular Parents' Toolkit
Openly Secular Student Toolkit
Special Event: 1 Black Marker
Special Event: Sidewalk Chalk

SSA Branded Materials
These materials are reserved for those groups using the Secular Student Alliance name and logo. Want to get in on the cool branded swag? Consider using the SSA name and logo for your group! Learn more at our branded affiliates page.
Secular Legal Society Sturdy Vinyl Banner (ONLY for SLSs)
SSA Ballpoint Pens
SSA Buttons
SSA Logo Sturdy Vinyl Banner
SSA Stickers (also available to non-branded affiliates)

Any questions, concerns, comments or special requests?

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