Secular Spring Break (1)

Secular Spring Break

Volunteer opportunities for secular, non-religious, atheist, and humanist students.

COVID-19 Relief

As a result of COVID-19, the number of people experiencing homelessness and food insecurity has increased and support has become harder to safely provide.

Find out how to volunteer at a local food bank or shelter.

Disaster Preparedness

Disasters can affect any family and community, so it’s imperative to be prepared. Take time now to make plans that will help you respond to any emergency, including natural disasters.

Use our resources to help you prepare this spring break.

Environmental Advocacy

We believe in science and know that climate change is real. Take action by planting a tree in your community or participating in a park clean-up.

Become a secular advocate for science-based policy.

Engage Virtually

Get others involved by sharing this post:

I'm taking action this spring break, you can too!

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Need help getting started?

Interested in getting involved with a service project but not sure where to get started? Book office hours to chat with a campus organizer from the Secular Student Alliance.