scholarship hispanic masthead 2023

Applications are now open for scholarships for Hispanic and Latino/a students who are active in their local communities and passionate about state/church separation and intersectional activism.

The scholarships are available to full-time students enrolled in high school or college in the United States.

The application deadline is July 31, 2023.

Before you start on the application below you may wish to take some time and write out answers to the following questions which will appear in part three of the application. 

  1. What are your educational, career, and life goals?
  2. What is your secular identity? How did you come to your secularism and how do you see it remaining a part of your life?
  3. What other aspects of your identity intersect, interact with, or inform your secularism?
  4. What intersectional/secular activism have you been involved with (on campus or off)?
  5. What activism plans do you have for this academic year?
  6. What obstacles, barriers, or financial hardships have you faced in pursuing your academic goals? What role would this scholarship have in helping you overcome these challenges?

As part of the application process, please prepare a 30-60 second video in which you tell us a little bit more about one aspect of your application: about your secular identity, or why it is important to you, or why you are passionate about state/church separation or your activism, or highlighting something important to you. 

Privacy Information:  We do not collect information from website visitors.  The information provided in the scholarship application is not shared with third parties.  The selection process is blind and does not include contact information.  Sponsoring organizations receive scholarship applications to review and select the recipient of their scholarship/s, and contact information after the scholarship process has closed.  All recipients review and approve the text and description used to announce the scholarship recipients.

If you would not like to receive further communication, please email to be removed from our database.