Start a Chapter

We know how important it is to have secular space on campus for students to gather. We commend you for taking the first step to start an SSA chapter on your campus! We are here to help you every step of the process. Your chapter can advocate for separation of church and state, build community for secular students, and advocate for scientific inquiry.

How to Start a Chapter

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Step 1:

Contact Us

We are here to help you and can provide you with free resources and supplies to make starting a chapter much easier!

Fill out the Start A Chapter form.

We will contact you to see how we can help you.  We will also give you an SSA email address, so that you don't have to give out your personal info when looking for new members on campus.

Step 2:

Find Members

Start recruiting on campus, you'll need at least five members to start your club.

Make an announcement in class or online about your new club.

Reach out to STEM classes, the Philosophy, Science, or LGBTQ club on campus for support finding interested students.

Step 3:

Find an Advisor

Advisors contribute to the longevity and success of your club.

They are great at helping you navigate campus policies and resources for student clubs.

Reach out to current professors for suggestions of faculty on campus that might be interested.

Step 4:

Set-Up Social Media

Set up a social media account.

You can create an Instagram account, Facebook page or group, Discord, Slack, or other social media account to stay connected.

We will provide you with an SSA email that you can use to set up your social media account, so you don't have to use your personal info.

Step 5:

Register your club on campus

Visit your student affairs office to find out the requirements to start a club. You'll likely need five members, an advisor, and a constitution.

Access our sample constitution and CASE Guide for Secularism for more information that can help!

Step 6:

Register Your Club with SSA

You'll need to complete a registration form and agree to our standards of affiliation each semester.

Include your Chapter Roster, your members get free memberships!

Let us know who your advisor is so we can keep them up to date!

Once you have five members, an advisor, and a social media presence, you are ready to register your Chapter with the SSA!

Review our Minimum Standards of Affiliation. All Chapters of SSA are required to agree to and abide by our Minimum Standards.

Chapter Resources

Chapter Starting Kit

Access everything you need to get your club started on campus.

Tabling Supplies

We have free resources to help you table on campus including buttons, stickers, pens, flyers, and more! Affiliates and Chapters can also request custom banners and business cards.

FFRF Program Grants

Looking to host an event on campus but need additional funding? Registered SSA Chapters can apply for our Program Grants.

National Conference

Join us in July for the largest gathering of secular students in the country.

Design Hub

Find the SSA logo and graphics to help you set up your social media accounts.

C.A.S.E. for Secularism

SSA Chapters value Community, Advocacy, Service, and Education. How will your club make the CASE for Secularism?

Constitution and Bylaws

Use our sample constitution and bylaws to help set the future trajectory of your club!

Program Guides

Access our Program Guides for advice on planning events on your campus. Get involved with national secular programming.

Chapter How-To Guides

How to Run your First Meeting

As a new club on campus, it's important to make a god first impression. Access our guide on how to run your first meeting to find tips and strategies for an impactful meeting.

How to Find an Advisor

Having a strong advisor can help ensure the success of your club. Check out this guide with pro-tips on finding the best advisor for your chapter. Once you've identified an advisor, be sure to share our Advisor Guide with them.

How to Run a High School Chapter

Check out our Exploring Secularism Guide for High School and Middle School Chapters.

Get Connected

Facebook Member Group

Join our Facebook Group where you'll meet other SSA members from across the country. Ask for advice from fellow leaders and stay updated.

Monthly Zoom Call

Attend our monthly member call to get to meet fellow secular students, hear from an interesting speaker, hear about upcoming events and more!

Discord Channel

Connect with SSA members virtually on our Discord. There are channels for leadership development, interest groups, and an LGBTQ+ Affinity Group.


Stephanie Torres

Western Campus Organizer

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Chase Daseler

Eastern Campus Organizer

Ready to take action on campus?

Once you've got your club set up, it's time to start planning your meetings and events. Visit our Leader Hub to access all of our resources for student leaders.