Invest In A Secular Future

Secular Student Alliance National Conference

The SSA summer conference is the country's largest gathering of nonreligious students. This unique conference offers an enriching experience for students, featuring amazing speakers, grassroots organizing, and leadership enrichment, all from a secular perspective.

Imagine, as a student, having a unique opportunity like this conference to network with other students, develop your leadership skills, and strengthen your secular values. Not every nonreligious student can openly express their secularism. You can help change this.

 Message from Phil and Robin Ferguson

We need more secular thinkers. Please support nonreligious students participating in the annual conference and be part of the solution.

Your generous contribution will help students build connections and leadership skills.  Solutions to the big problems will come from future secular thinkers, not religion.

The most effective method to guarantee a secular future is by investing in our secular youth. Please donate today.


Send a Student to the SSA Conference

When you start a new monthly donation or increase your existing monthly donation, Phil and Robin Ferguson will donate $150 to cover the registration and housing for a student to attend the conference.

Up to $10,000

When you make a new monthly donation or increase a current monthly donation (either for $10 or more), $150 will be donated, up to $10,000.

With your assistance, our students can engage in their secular activism. You amplify their voices, help share their stories, and reward their diligence. You can assist them in attending the SSA national conference.

The Secular Student Alliance

From a small group of students at Ohio State University to national nonprofit organizations with thousands of student members across the country, the Secular Student Alliance has been a life-line for nonreligious students who have felt isolated and alone.  As the largest network of nonreligious students in the United States, the Secular Student Alliance helps students find like-minded friends, build secular community, and set the foundation for life-long activism.