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Group Leadership and Transitions


Setting Goals - What, How, and Why
Setting goals is possibly one of the most important activities that your group’s leaders should be constantly and consistently engaged with.

Officer Training
High School and College groups have a high turnover rate, so training new leaders is important. The Officer Training resource will help you get new leaders up to speed on everything they need to run a successful group.

Managing Burnout
Burnout is one of the biggest problems that our student leaders. Learn easy tactics to confront it here!

Member and Leader Apathy
Having trouble getting members motivated? Officers seem to be dropping off the face of the earth? It can be frustrating, this resource will guide you in the right direction!

Leadership Transitions
No matter how great your group president is, eventually he or she will graduate. Plan for the future!

Leadership Transition Quick Plan 
Sometimes you only have a few weeks to train new leaders. This guide will help you do so in an organized, efficient fashion.

Identifying and Recruiting a Good Leader
Identifying leaders is key to maintaining a group’s existence. Finding them early is important, as you don’t want to be unsure of the group’s future.

Leadership at the National Level
Think you have what it takes to be a leader in the national secular movement? Check out this resource for how to get more involved and for leadership options. 

Public Speaking Guide
Are you new to public speaking? Or just looking to further develop your skills? Check out this guide for all kinds of advise and info on the ins and outs on public speaking.

Inclusivity Resources
Would you like to make your group more welcoming and attractive to under-represented groups in the Secular Movement? Check out our Inclusivity resources!

Finding an Advisor
Finding a new advisor can sometimes be a challenging endeavor. Check out this page for some tips on where to look and how to approach a potential advisor.

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