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Secular Jobs & Internships


Looking for jobs and internships in the secular movement? Check here for listings!

Secular Student Alliance seeks Executive Director

Secular News Network seeks Writers

Secular Coalition for America seeks Interns

American Humanist Association seeks Interns

Camp Quest West seeks Virtual Office Administrator

Opportunities for Law Students to Help Find Jobs or Internships

If you are looking for a career in the movement, click here to check out advice and inspiration from other students who have been able to get a job doing what they love.

Secular Student Alliance seeks Executive Director
(Click here for more info)


The new Executive Director (ED) must bring the professional experience, strategic vision, and inter-personal skills necessary to take the organization to the next level of achievement following the departure of the SSA’s founding leadership. The SSA has built a strong and respected brand in the secular movement, with many former student members finding positions after graduation in secular organizations, and the new ED should seek to sustain and grow the organization’s profile in allied social justice movements.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the ED is responsible for:

  • Articulating SSA’s vision, acting as the primary voice to the public,
  • Establishing fundraising goals and priorities and leading this effort,
  • Developing strategic partnerships with mission-aligned organizations,
  • Managing and supporting the staff.

Essential to this role will be the development and maintenance of relationships with funders, community partners, organizations serving the same population, stakeholders, alumni, staff, and board members. The ED will lead the organization’s campus organizing team in building strong connections between students groups and the national SSA, ensuring that program objectives are achieved in a financially sound manner and within budgeted parameters.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Leadership
    • Providing visionary leadership in pursuit of SSA’s success in empowering secular students, including ensuring that its student group programming, organizational culture, community engagement, and external partnerships are highly effective and tightly aligned to the organization’s mission and current strategic plan.
    • Encouraging and developing innovative ideas for new programs and better ways to serve SSA’s student constituency, including embarking by the end of the first year on a process to develop a 3-5 year strategic plan.
    • Participating as an active member of the Board’s working committees and in the Board recruitment and training process.
    • Serving as a resource, catalyst and coach to the Board, providing the training resources necessary to enable them to achieve their full potential as a governing body.
    • Inspiring students, staff, families, and other partners to be their best selves every day, maintaining the organization’s focus on providing high quality programming for its groups while ensuring an unyielding focus at all times on what is best for SSA’s students and their futures.
  • Fundraising
    • Developing new sources of diversified funding, and allocating resources in line with a sustainable plan for organizational growth.
    • Actively seeking new major donor support within the progressive community and among friends and allies, and re-connecting with the many donors who have supported SSA in the past.
    • Partnering with the Board of Directors and funders to secure support necessary to the fiscal health of the organization, maintaining strong personal relationships with major funders.
    • Leading the overall fundraising strategy to maximize current opportunities, seek out new sources of earned income, sustain development efforts in a fast changing environment and anticipate emerging issues, developing a strategy to address these opportunities.
  • Management
    • Overseeing and strengthening the organizational infrastructure and building the team necessary to support and sustain SSA’s growth.
    • Managing staff, acting not only as a supervisor but also as a coach and consensus builder.
    • Remaining deeply committed to the values of developing and bringing out the strengths of all of SSA’s people while also holding them accountable for their goals and desired outcomes for SSA’s students.
    • Overseeing a budget of nearly $1 million, with the confidence to manage a larger budget as the organization grows with the ED’s development and implementation of a successful fundraising plan.
    • Ensuring that liability risk exposures are identified and treated when proposing new programs and services.
    • Evaluating and monitoring established programs and services to identify areas which need revision due to changes in operation, legislation, policies and procedures.
    • Responding appropriately to unanticipated situations.
  • Coalition Building, Communications & Community Relations
    • Establishing and maintaining good relationships with other leaders in the secular and allied movements.
    • Overseeing the development of a professional communications teams; speaking at conferences and events hosted by the SSA, secular allies, or other allied social justice or science-based movements.
    • Providing an inspiring description of the organization and knowledgeably fielding questions in a range of media outlets.


  • minimum of 5-7 years of senior leadership experience with a $2 million or larger non-profit organization or a business venture of comparable size.
  • S/he must have a demonstrated track record of building an organization at the national, regional, or local level and a lead role in generating revenue (both earned and contributed income) for an organization, either as a volunteer or a professional.
  • Experience with nonprofit strategic communications and building a strong brand is essential.
  • The candidate must have demonstrated measurable results in hiring, mentoring, developing, leading, and retaining staff and in engaging and working effectively with a nonprofit governing board.
  • A strong public presence and communication skills, and the ability to represent the SSA effectively before a wide range of audiences is required.
  • Prior experience working with college or high schools and/or facilitating campus organizing, while not essential, would be a significant advantage.

Personal Characteristics

  • Our client is seeking an imaginative and inspiring leader who derives identity independent of any assumptions about the supernatural, is willing to rethink beliefs in light of empirical evidence, and forms values based on concern for the present and future world.  Commitment, integrity and sensitivity to the needs of others are essential. The Executive Director will be a good listener and a creative problem solver who is politically savvy, patient, collaborative, and able to reconcile divergent points of view.
  • The successful candidate will bring a passion for and personal commitment to SSA’s mission of empowering secular students to come together in inclusive communities and drive change on their campuses and in the world from a secular, humanistic perspective.
  • The Executive Director will be naturally creative, entrepreneurial, and eager to find innovative ways to launch and sustain new programs and services, reach out to new constituents, and expand the SSA’s vision.


  • Our client is offering a compensation package commensurate with the experience of the successful candidate and appropriate for an organization of its size.  Benefits include basic health and disability, two weeks’ vacation and 11 annual holidays.  SSA will consider basic relocation expenses for an exceptional candidate.

To apply: View entire application requirements at McCormack+Kristel

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Secular News Network seeks Writers
(click here for more info)

Secular News Network is looking for unpaid reporters, columnists, editorial cartoonists, and guest columnists. 


  • News articles must be originals
  • Articles should be 500-600 words long
  • Can cover:
    • Events
    • Tea Party Watch
    • Culture Wars
    • Court Battles
    • Politics
    • God and Science
    • Views
    • Woo Review

To apply: email Jenica Crail a writing sample
jenica AT dogmadebate DOT com

Secular Coalition for America seeks Interns

The Secular Coalition for America (SCA) seeks highly motivated undergraduate, graduate, or law students for unpaid internship positions in the spring, summer and fall semesters. SCA is a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization located in Washington, D.C. Its mission is to increase the visibility of and respect for nontheistic viewpoints in the United States, and to protect and strengthen the secular character of our government as the best guarantee of freedom for all.

As a small non-profit, this internship will provide ample opportunities to take on responsibility and produce work samples for addition to a portfolio. Interns work directly with SCA staff and have the opportunity to learn and assist in the four main departments of the office: lobbying and advocacy; research and outreach; development and fundraising; and communications through traditional and new media.

SCA has internship positions available in its Communications, State Chapter and Outreach, Legislative, and Operations and Development departments. Applicants for the Legislative Intern position must be current law students. Positions remain open until filled throughout the year.

For info on how to apply contact Dan Green
Dan AT secular DOT org

Camp Quest West seeks Virtual Office Administrator
(Click here for more info)


Camp Quest West is seeking a Virtual Office Administrator who can coordinate communication and recordkeeping via phone and computer. This is a year-round, flexible part-time, work-from-home position. You would act as a first point of contact for parents and volunteers, send follow-up reminders and assist volunteer task force leads with record-keeping, reporting, tweeting, and tracking. You would report to and meet regularly by phone with your board-appointed supervisor. This is a great job for someone who can wear multiple hats and keep things organized and on schedule.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Effective and professional email and phone communication with customers, volunteers, vendors and board members
  • Backend data management including data entry and pulling camp statistics for board reports
  • Drafting or editing documents to support task forces
  • Assisting board executives with communication and recordkeeping
  • Managing occasional donor or parent mailings
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Some college
  • A friendly, customer-driven attitude
  • Good communication skills: email, phone, Facebook
  • A friendly, customer-driven attitude
  • Good time-management, multi-tasking, and organizational skills
  • Absolute commitment to integrity, privacy, and professionalism
  • Ability to manage occasional postal mailings
  • Internet access (you will work from home)
  • Phone access (you will call from home)
  • Weight will be given to candidates who are:
    • Located in California, or the Pacific time zone.
    • Verbal fluency in Spanish (for communicating with parents)


  • Experience with camp administration, office administration, or project management
  • Experience working in a professional setting
  • Intermediate-level familiarity with Microsoft Office, particularly Word and Excel

To apply: email resume to David Diskin
West-Careers AT CampQuest DOT org

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Opportunities for Law Students to Help Find Jobs or Internships
(Click here for more info)

Are you a law student and/or part of an SSA Secular Legal Society on your campus? We have formed a new partnership with the Appignani Humanist Legal Center at the American Humanist Association in order to better support you and your group. As part of this partnership, we are making available a new service to enable law students to contact any friendly allies in the legal world about potential jobs or internships in a specific geographic area. If you would like to submit an inquiry, please let us know and we will work with the AHLC to connect you to any opportunities that might exist. Or if you have any questions, let us know!

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