Graveyard of the Gods

Graveyard of the Gods

Graveyard of the Gods is a farewell to humanity’s forgotten deities. It is an opportunity to demonstrate that there are thousands upon thousands of gods that have been worshipped throughout history, and most of them are no longer worshipped. The Graveyard of the Gods activity is not an attack on religion, but is primarily a very visible way to demonstrate why Blaise Pascal's infamous Wager doesn't work because it assumes only one possible god to place bets on.

Graveyard of the Gods happens the week of Halloween each year.



Halloween is a time when, in many cultures, the dead are celebrated and remembered. So, with Graveyard of the Gods, your group can look back at the deceased pantheons of deities and showcase their histories and legacies. Most chapters choose to hold Graveyard of the Gods in the week leading up to Halloween to tie the event into the theme of the season, but any time in October would work well.

Some SSA chapters approach this event in a different way and do something called Graveyard of Great Minds. This version of the event focuses on humans who have contributed immensely to human knowledge and society.


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