Secular Student Alliance Virtual Conference

SSAcon 2021 TFMF masthead

Everyone is invited to participate in our virtual conference on May 15-16, 2021, featuring excellent speakers, grassroots organizing workshops, and leadership training.  Please register for free today and please invite a friend to join you.

The annual SSA conference has traditionally been the largest gathering of secular students in the country.  While we are disappointed we will not be able to host an in-person conference this year, we are excited to host a multi-day virtual conference with live-streaming and on-demand video for our students and the larger secular community.

Student membership is always free. Become a member of the largest and fastest-growing secular student organization in the country.

As an SSA alumnus, you are always part of the SSA family.  Your alumni membership helps provide free student memberships to continue to grow the SSA family.

Through your membership, you are making an investment in thousands of secular students across the country. Membership support is critically important to fulfilling our mission.

Speakers and Presenters

Sasha Sagan

Jeff Hawkins

Rep. Hank Johnson

Rep. Mark Pocan

Clara Fang

Rep. Donald Beyer

Rebecca Markert

Jocelyn Williamson

Jon Steingard

Greg Epstein

Anjan Chakravartty

Debbie Goddard

Alison Gill

Andy Norman

Elizabeth Cavell

Phil Zuckerman

Michelle Ciurria

Casey Brinck

Mark Dann

Chrissy Stroop

Tahil Sharma

Margie Delao

Christian Hayden

Isabelle Oldfield

Highlighting Students and SSA Alumni

Helena "Lena" Robertson

Michael Surgeon

Sean Omar Rivera

Ryan Mealiffe

Ranen Miao

Mary Zhang

Kevin Chisolm

Sohan Dsouza

Jodi Ruchkall

Harley Whisenhunt

Isaac Gilles

Alexander Kaloyanides

Matt Enloe

Christopher Hood

Martha Taylor

Emily Willis

Kyle Byrnes

Jane Casto