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Secular Student Alliance Annual Conference


What Is SSA Con?

Every year at the SSA Annual Conference, hundreds of secular students and community leaders gather to share ideas and learn from each other. SSA Con’s primary goal is to train student leaders and activists from across the United States in grassroots organizing and leadership skills. Our conference is unique in the movement 

  • Short! Most of the talks at our Annual Conference are 20 minutes long, and are intended to begin a conversation with attendees and speakers. Additionally, we also offer hands-on workshops and panels as well. Our speakers are available throughout the conference to network and chat with attendees!
  • Sweet! Throughout the weekend, students have the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and best practices, and form lasting relationships with other student activists, SSA staff, and movement leaders from across the US!
  • To the point! Our talks and workshops focus on effective activism and group running skills, ensuring attendees have usable knowledge to take back to their campuses!
  • By you! Many of our speakers are students themselves, presenting the ideas and skills they have found useful in their activism and group running experience!
  • For you! We offer complete sessions for later viewing on our YouTube Channel!

Our conference is designed to be applicable to both SSA Affiliate group leaders and members as well as to other activists. Additionally, we welcome anyone who wants to learn about effective group-running, such as those from off-campus groups or other organizations.

Why Should I Attend?

Are you a leader or a member of an SSA-affiliated student group?

SSA Con has numerous talks directed towards you! You can hear and interact with current and former student leaders on what works and doesn't work in their experience when it comes to tabling, advertising, fundraising, and many other things that will help your group be better than ever! Don’t forget about the chance to network and exchange best practices in one-on-one opportunities.

Are you a secular activist?

We have plenty of topics that will help you become a better activist! Plus, SSA Con gives you an opportunity to network with hundreds of other secular students, as well as SSA staff and movement leaders, in order to build a secular society!

Are you a non-student?

Many of the skills and ideas presented at SSA Con are applicable off-campus: everything from leadership transitions, grassroots organizing, and the valuable contacts you'll make. Plus, this is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to students and student groups and build a broader, stronger local community!

Are you a sponsor?

The Secular Student Alliance offers unique advertising options for secular organizations, businesses, and authors. Set up a table at our Annual Conference, or take advantage of other unique ways of reaching Conference attendees. This is a great way to reach hundreds of student leaders and group members from across the country. Find out more about sponsorship opportunities.

Want a preview of what to expect?

"The best experience was hearing from people actively fighting against religious privilege and discrimination from religion.""It's encouraging to see there are people who share my concerns about what goes into living wisely and well."
"Most of the sessions were valuable to a decent extent. Every subject was important and I enjoyed each one I attended.""I was excited to be on a panel and have my own talk. I was also excited to be reunited with some friends."
"I've never been to a large scale gathering of secular people before! Also to gather best practices for our group.""Last year was super fun! Also, the long road trip is always a great way for our officers to bond."

Read about our past conferences and events!

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