Chapter Mentoring Program


You have experience leading an SSA campus group. You have seen the success of your hard work and have had to work around a lot of obstacles. You know how to fix things on the fly because you have had to. In short, you have been there and done that with your group. These experiences are valuable and a lot of other people need your guidance.

SSA National receives requests every month from those who are just starting a group to those who are in need of a little extra help in getting their group to take off. Our national campus organizers are just part of the equation. Peer support is equally vital in this process.

Become an SSA Affiliate Mentor

Whether you are a current student or a recent graduate of the last few years, if you have SSA leadership experience we welcome your involvement. This volunteer experience helps your fellow SSA members, SSA National, and builds your leadership experience and skills. If you already know of a group that needs your help or if you would like to help a group in general please contact us. We are also here to train and guide you as mentors.

Become a mentor today!