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Academic Year Planning Calendar


Many groups find it difficult to envision the long-term planning needed to have a successful and active school year. It's hard to know how far in advance to start thinking about certain activities and events, and combing through Activity Packets doesn't necessarily give a good understanding of how to manage and plan activities throughout year.

For that reason, we've designed our Academic Year Planning Calendar for your group to use. Listed are SSA and other national events, local campus suggestions, and you can even fill in your own to customize it for your own group's planning needs. Included on it is also a goal-planning guide to help you out as well. You can download a digital copy, or you can request a physical copy in our tabling supplies request form.

In 2017, there are a few new events to be aware of:

You will also find a general listing of secular-friendly holidays below as well.

Sample Year

Download a .pdf of the calendar here, or download as a .jpg.

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