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Board of Directors


The Secular Student Alliance is governed by a Board of Directors. All members of the SSA are eligible to apply for the Board of Directors.

On an annual basis, the current Board of Directors elects new Board Members to fill those seats that are up for election. We reserve two seats on the Board of Directors for students or recent students to ensure their representation in the governance of the Secular Student Alliance. Further details about the nominations and elections process may be obtained by contacting our Secretary.

The Secular Student Alliance's current Board of Directors is:


Evan Clark

Evan Clark, Chair (Board Member since 2011)
Phoenix, Arizona

evan DOT clark AT secularstudents DOT org ]

Evan is an entrepreneur, consultant, and community organizer in the greater Phoenix area. He was previously the Outreach Director for the James Woods for Congress campaign and co-founder of the Humanist Community of Ventura County in Southern California. He also recently led the re-branding and website redesign process for the International Darwin Day Foundation.

Evan was a founder of the Secular Student Alliance at California Lutheran University. Evan's group was the only SSA affiliate group in the country on a religious university at the time, and he served as their President for three years. In 2010, Evan was also elected by his peers as California Lutheran University's Student Body President, making him the first open atheist ever to hold the position. 

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Alex DiBranco

Alex DiBranco, M.A., Vice Chair (Board Member since 2013)
New York, New York
alex DOT dibranco AT secularstudents DOT org ]

Alex DiBranco has written about reproductive justice, LGBTQ rights, atheist and interfaith issues, and the Christian Right for outlets including The Nation, Alternet, and RH Reality Check. She is currently a Ph.D. student in sociology at Yale.

As a Change.org editor and later senior organizer, Alex helped the company grow from six people to over a hundred employees globally. She supported a variety of issue areas, focusing on campaigns regarding women's rights, especially sexual assault, and immigrant rights. She has also served as COO for a technology start-up, and researched human intelligence networks and incidents of torture in Iraq and Afghanistan for the book None of Us Were Like This Before.

As an undergraduate, Alex served as editor-in-chief of the Dartmouth Free Press, a progressive counterpoint to the infamous right-wing Dartmouth Review. Alex was deeply involved with campus activism at Dartmouth while graduating with a degree in English/creative writing.

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Nancy Martin

Nancy Martin, Ph.D., Treasurer (Board Member since 2013)
San Francisco Bay Area, California
nancy DOT martin AT secularstudents DOT org ]

Nancy's professional experience and expertise is extensive. She held Partnerships at Warburg Pincus and Coopers & Lybrand, was the Vice President for R&D at MCI Systemhouse, the Executive Director for Advanced Technology for Melville Corporation, and founded SoftPert Systems (later sold to Coopers & Lybrand).

Outside the commercial sphere, Nancy was a founding professor of Software Engineering at the Wang Institute of Graduate Studies as well as holding tenured positions at other universities. She also founded the New Mexico Network for Women in Science and Engineering, an organization that has successfully mentored young women for the last twenty-five years. Nancy also served as a trustee with Prep for Prep, a New York-based charity aiding gifted youths to meet their full potential.

Nancy concurrently serves on the Board of Directors for the Evolution Institute and the Advisory Board for the Red Butte Gardens.

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Sarah Henry (Board Member since 2015)
Boca Raton, Florida
sarah DOT henry AT secularstudents DOT org ]

Sarah Henry is currently a student at Lynn University in South Florida. She was the founder and President of a Secular Student Alliance affiliate group at her public high school in 
deeply-religious southern Indiana. Her group faced tremendous pressure to shut down from the school administration, but persevered and became a recognized organization with over a dozen active members.

Sarah also serves as the Program Director and Vice Chair for Camp Quest Chesapeake, as well as a counselor and program leader at both Camp Quest New England and Camp Quest Ohio. She has previously served as an intern with Foundation Beyond Belief and as an Executive Board Member for Floyd Central Dance Marathon (a day-long philanthropy event).

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Miri Mogilevsky, M.S.W. (Board Member since 2015)
Columbus, Ohio
miri DOT mogilevsky AT secularstudents DOT org ]

Miri Mogilevsky is a writer and activist in Columbus. A 2013 graduate of Northwestern University, Miri served as the PR Chair for her university’s SSA affiliate group. Having recently earned her M.S.W. at Columbia University, she intends to practice evidence-based therapy with LGBTQ and secular clients.

Miri writes about mental health, social justice, and secularism on her blog, Brute Reason. She has presented at numerous national conferences, a partial listing including Skepticon, Women in Secularism, and American Atheists. A freelancer for the Daily Dot, her writing and opinions have also been published in Salon, xoJane, Raw Story, Religion News Services, and other outlets.

Miri also helps staff an online hotline for sexual assault survivors and serves as Communications Adviser for Secular Avenue, helping secular individuals escape from unsafe homes. She also founded and helps moderate an online support group for nontheists struggling with mental health issues.

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mattMatthew Bulger (Board Member since 2015)
Washington, D.C.
matthew DOT bulger AT secularstudents DOT org ]

Matthew Bulger is the legislative associate at the American Humanist Association, where he advocates for church-state separation and humanist values in public policy to government officials. Matthew also serves as the editor of the AHA's quarterly membership publication, Free Mind, and regularly contributes to The Humanist.

Matthew has also interned in the offices of Senator Al Franken (D-MN) and Representative Travis Childers (D-MS), as well as at the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Matthew graduated in 2012 with a B.A. in political science from American University in Washington D.C., and is the co-founder and former President of his alma mater’s SSA affiliate group. Matthew’s SSA affiliate group received a national award in 2009 for their work as a brand-new affiliate.

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Georgina CapetilloGeorgina Capetillo (Board Member since 2016)
New York, New York
georgina DOT capetillo AT secularstudents DOT org ] 

Georgina Capetillo is Program Associate at the Richard Dawkins Foundation. As a Howard University alumna, she was awarded a B.A in Philosophy and Political Science. Georgina completed her graduate studies at University of Massachusetts in 2013 with a concentration on Conflict Resolution. Her specialties include gender equality, humanist ethics, human rights, mental health, secularism, immigration, feminism and civil justice.

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Jennifer Ibrahim, M.D. (Board Member since 2015)

Boston, Massachusetts
jennifer DOT ibrahim AT secularstudents DOT org ]

Jennifer Ibrahim is a clinical geneticist currently working in the pharmaceutical industry to serve the unmet medical needs of individuals with rare genetic diseases. In her capacity as a medical director, she advances the interests of patients through health care provider education, humanitarian programs, and grants to advance scientific knowledge. She is a recognized expert in the treatment of Gaucher’s disease. 

Jennifer previously practiced medicine as a clinical geneticist and served as the Division Chief in Genetics at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, an inner-city charity care hospital in New Jersey. She has also served as a consultant to the State of New Jersey’s newborn screening program. Now residing in Boston, Jennifer is an active member of the Humanist Community at Harvard.

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Harry ShaughnessyHarry Shaughnessy (Board Member since 2013)
Research Triangle, North Carolina
harry DOT shaughnessy AT secularstudents DOT org ]

Harry Shaughnessy is the current President of Triangle Freethought Society in North Carolina. Harry has shown his creativity and enthusiasm for doing whatever was necessary to help build the organization. Through his work in various roles with TFS, Harry has been able to bring in nationally known speakers, hold successful events, rally for important causes and build a net reserve of funds that makes planning future events much easier. In addition, Harry’s leadership has played a key role in growing the membership of TFS every year since its inception in 2009.

In 2015, CNN featured Harry and his family in a front-page piece entitled "the friendly atheists next door." During the day Harry also runs a successful software consulting practice.

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