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National Ask an Atheist Day


National Ask an Atheist Day is an opportunity for secular groups across the atheistcountry to work together to defeat stereotypes about atheism and encourage courteous dialogue between believers and nonbelievers alike. The event is intended to be an opportunity for the general public - particularly people of faith - to approach us and ask questions about secular life. It is our hope that encouraging participation on a national level will raise awareness of the event and We're encouraging all SSA affiliate groups to participate at whatever level they are able!

This day occurs every year on the 3rd Thursday of April. Ask an Atheist Day 2015 will be April 16th.

Groups can participate in National Ask an Atheist Day however they like. We leave the details of the event to you and your group - you'll come up with bigger and better ideas than we ever could. Here are some ideas that some of our affiliates are already planning to help you get ideas of your own:

  • Request Ask an Atheist stickers from the SSA (or print your own) and have your group's members wear them around campus.
  • Post Ask an Atheist Day Flyers around your campus.  (You'll be able to request flyers as the event gets closer!).
  • Table with stickers, posters, flyers and other information (Get SSA's "What is an Atheist?" brochures to help!).
  • Flyer your campus to get people thinking in advance about the big day.
  • Flyer your campus with Atheist FAQs.
  • Hold an "Ask an Atheist" panel event.
  • Get on the campus radio with a live "Ask an Atheist" session where listeners can call in their questions.
  • Put an ad in the campus newspaper to advertise your event. Check out our sample press release!
  • Contact religious or interfaith student organizations and invite them to your event(s).

Finally, check out our activity packets for Ask An Atheist panel and Ask An Atheist Tabling to get further ideas on what your group can do. Or, come up with your own projects and ideas!

Get "Ask An Atheist Day" Stickers!
There are two ways for your group to get snazzy Ask an Atheist stickers:

  1. Print Your Own - Fortunately, you can still print your own. To do so, download a PDF of the sticker design and print it out.
  2. Send Us a Supplies Request Form. If you would also like normal tabling supplies, you can request those here.

If your group can't participate on the actual date, move your celebration forward or back a few day. For example, Students for Freethought at Ohio State holds their meetings on Thursdays - and that's when they're holding their Ask An Atheist panel. So they'll be wearing stickers and tabling on that day to advertise for the big event.

Got great ideas? Let us know - we'd love to share! Have flyer designs? Submit them for the Exchange so others can use them. Need help with publicity or have questions? Ask!

We'd love to see pictures of your event, publicize media attention you get, and hear how it went! Contact us and let us know!

Together, we can work towards a more peaceful world, free of the prejudice that so often plagues nonbelievers. Join us in celebration!

Our thanks go out to Karthik, Becca and the Illini Secular Student Alliance for taking the initiative to get this project started, and for the excellent initial Ask An Atheist sticker designs!
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