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Advocacy and Activism


Believe it or not, there are things that religious groups, governments, and others do that you might disagree with. Promoting religious bigotry, discrimination against nonbelievers, forcing dogma on schoolchildren, trumpeting dangerous pseudoscience to an uncritical populace—you name it, they've done it.

As citizens in a democracy, it's our job to do something about these social ills, and as rational secularists, we're astoundingly well-equipped to analyze these problems. However, simply knowing how to set things right and getting them right are two different things. The Religious Right should be a cautionary tale in this respect—despite their minority numbers and utterly non-mainstream worldview, their ability to mobilize voters and volunteers has made them a significant political force. This should be sobering, but also an inspiration to action. If we could organize and activate all of the Americans who believe in church-state separation, science, and reason, we would be the unstoppable force!

Students are at the forefront of these efforts. Youth are the fastest-growing segment of the nonreligious, in large part because you know firsthand how dangerous the mix of religion and politics has been. Furthermore, young people are inclined to question beliefs that past generations have accepted, and the university environment turbo-charges your critical thinking. Most importantly, students are energized to do something about the world. Secular students need to take charge of this energy and turn it into action!

This packet is designed to give you steps, tips, and ideas towards changing the world for the better, to make it a more rational, less mystical, and thoroughly godless place. It's not a lecture or a sermon, but simply the collected experiences of campus leaders past and present. Feel free to brainstorm and improvise new solutions and strategies—and if you do, let us know! We are eager to spread them to other student groups.

The salient point, friends: stop jabbering and do something!

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