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Darwin Day


Darwin Day is every February 12th. Even if you cannot hold an event on the exact day, you can do it some other day around it. List your campus event on the Darwin Day website to show your group's support and participation!

Darwin Day is a fantastic opportunity for your secular student group to take part in a national celebration of education and science. Groups around the country, and around the world, will be taking part and celebrating the birth of one of the most important scientists of the modern era.

We encourage your group to take part as a way to not only educate your own group members on the importance of Evolution and Darwin's work, but also as a way to reach out to your community to foster a better understanding of the theory of evolution and its place in modern biology. This guide will serve as your one-stop-shop on how to run a successful Darwin Day event. It contains ideas other groups have successfully run, how to promote your Darwin Day, and much more!

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