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Secular Student Alliance Announces Transition of Executive Director


After a decade and a half of service, August E. Brunsman IV, Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance, has announced his decision to depart the organization in the next year as he looks toward the next phase of his life. In his letter to the Board, August shared, “I am incredibly proud of all those who have served with me, as staff, board, advisors, group leaders, and other volunteers. Together we have taken a group of students and recent students who knew the student wing of the secular movement needed its own organization to grow, and built it into a force unto itself that has more local chapters than any other organization in our movement.”

In 2000, August gathered with a group of secular student leaders from around the country to build something amazing: a national organization to serve the interests and needs of secular students on campuses across the country. He has worked tirelessly on behalf of empowering secular students, influencing a generation of atheist and humanist leaders, and building the Secular Student Alliance into a pillar of the organized secular movement.

“Under August’s direction, the Secular Student Alliance has expanded in ways none of us could have foreseen,” said Evan Clark, Chair of the Board of Directors. “Today there are SSA alumni staffing almost every national humanist and atheist organization in America. There are over 500 high school or college campuses that have been touched by an SSA affiliate at one point in time. And there are students that will find community in our affiliates this fall that were born the same year the SSA was founded.”

As we embark on the next chapter in the SSA’s story, rest assured that our priority, as always, is to do our utmost to serve secular students. Over the next weeks, the Board of Directors will be putting together a search committee, timeline, and process for completing this transition. We are grateful and proud to have August’s commitment to continue leading the SSA throughout this transition process, and his enthusiasm for bringing on “a new leader with new ideas and a new perspective that will stagger us all.”

SSA Will Update Sexual Harassment Policy


In connection with allegations made by a former SSA student member with respect to a former Speakers Bureau speaker, SSA conducted an inquiry into the sufficiency of our internal policies, procedures, and processes in handling such matters as part of our commitment to prioritizing the safety of our student members. After an in-depth review, it was determined that SSA will make improvements in the interest of continuing to protect the safety and well-being of SSA students.

Press Release: Secular Student Alliance Commends DNC, but Requests Apology


Columbus, OH

In the wake of the DNC email leak scandal, the Secular Student Alliance collected nearly 600 signatures to ask the Democratic National Committee to apologize for Brad Marshall’s email where he suggested to politically attack Bernie Sanders for his suspected atheism.

The Secular Student Alliance is the largest student-focused organization in the country representing atheist, agnostic, freethinkers, and otherwise identifying secular students across the country.

Open Letter to the GOP & DNC Platform Committees


To the Delegates for the Party Platform,

We are students and alumni across the United States that support secular values. According to Pew Charitable trusts, millennials are the most secular generation to reach adulthood since religious identification has been tracked.

We are requesting that you keep your party platform secular by removing references to God, on behalf of the millions of secular Americans that share our values. We would like to see your party become inclusive to the growing secular community who are alienated by religiously exclusive language.


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