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And the winners are...


We’ve picked our scholarship winners for 2016. The applicants are amazing.

Their stories will inspire you and keep you convinced that the movement for a better, more secular world will win out.

We're excited to share their stories with you… but we're not going to. At least, not yet.

First, you need to ensure that we can give out scholarships again next year.

What we can share with you now is that we’ve got a gracious donor, Ron Verstappen, who will double the first $5,000 donated to this campaign. This is the perfect time to give!

Click here and donate as much as you can; it’s worth twice as much to us!

Your gift will go directly to a scholarship for an outstanding student activist who has demonstrated the ability to create change in their community!


Our students have earned their scholarships. Now do your part for our movement by giving to our scholarship fund!

As donations come in, we’ll start sharing the stories of this year’s winners.

What comes after August?


As you have probably heard, I’m leaving the Secular Student Alliance.

It has been my great honor to lead this organization for the last 15 years. Over the years I have been constantly inspired, amazed, and humbled by our students, activists, and supporters. I am confident in saying we’ve grown into one of the most important organizations in the secular movement.

But this post isn’t about our past, it’s about our future. It’s time for someone else to take the reins of this great organization.

Is that you? Is that someone you know?

Check out the job description, apply or pass it along.

I want a future where our students go on to positions of moral leadership throughout society. I want them to be politicians, journalists, judges, scientists, police officers, teachers, and leaders in all sectors of society.

I want the Secular Student Alliance to continue to be one of the greatest student organizations in this country.

Help us find the person to make this future a reality!

Making this future a reality is no easy task. It will take vision, resolve, passion, and leadership. Think you’re up for the challenge? Think you know someone who is?

Step up to the plate and see if you’ve got what it takes to be the next executive director of the Secular Student Alliance.

August E. Brunsman IV
Executive Director
Secular Student Alliance

Where Are All the Black Atheists?


Bishop McNeill, Secular Student Alliance board member, and HBCU graduate, discusses secularism in the black community in an Op-Ed published in The Root. Check out the full article, and if you're a student at an HBCU contact us to learn more about forming an SSA group on your campus!

Here's a except from Bishop's Op-Ed:

I am black. I am also an atheist.

It’s understandable if that surprises you.

You’ve probably heard that the number of religiously unaffiliated people is rising. According to the Pew Research Center’s Religious Landscape Study, the percentage of Americans who identify as “unaffiliated,” or “religious nones,” is currently 22.8 percent. That’s a huge increase from only 16 percent in 2007.

However, this growth is not happening as rapidly in one notable sphere: the black community.

Secular Service


What good is being right if it doesn’t change anything? Does being secular matter if it doesn’t move you to act?

Many of our students have decided to put their beliefs into action. To these students, having secular values means being for something. It means doing something to impact their community and make our world a better place.

Let’s look at an example from UNIFI, the SSA affiliate at the University of Northern Iowa. They got active when the possibility of flooding threatened Cedar Rapids. More than a dozen of their members spent a Saturday sandbagging and helping the city prepare for flooding.

the Big EventFor another example, take a look at the University of Montevallo Secular Student Alliance. In April they participated in “The Big Event,” a community-service program put on by the university. This was their third year participating. They helped a senior citizen with landscaping and brush removal. The Montevallo SSA’s service was greatly appreciated, and they became a more cohesive group in the process.

Yet another example is the UTSA, the SSA affiliate at the University of Texas-San Antonio, who partnered with other secular community groups to build ramps with the Texas Ramp Project. Or the SSA group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who joined with Project Linus to make blankets for seriously ill children. On another occasion, they sold baked goods to raise money for the Women's Medical Fund.

We’ve got tons of examples! Our students have done many different community projects, but what ties it all together is the belief that being secular calls them to action and service.

We’ve shared some of our student’s stories and now we want to know yours. How have you used secular values to make our world a better place?

Let us know and maybe we’ll share your example in a future!


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