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$15 for '15: Richard Carrier, Author and Speakers Bureau Member


Richard Carrier, an author and member of our Speakers Bureau, talks about what excites him about working with us and the future of the Secular Student Alliance. You can join the $15 for '15 campaign and be a part of our future!

RichardThe Secular Student Alliance has so excelled professionally and institutionally over the last ten years that it has now become the model I hold all other movement organizations up to. And not only because it has been incomparably successful in expanding its membership and providing good quality and very real financial, physical, social and institutional support for all the groups it continues to create on campuses across the U.S. No one has come close to doing that so well, and their efforts on that score are invaluable and will in the long run be world-changing.

But also because the SSA has fully embraced the perspectives and interests of the next generation, an essential decision for securing longevity and recruiting the otherwise largely untapped pool of young atheists, who now exist in enormous numbers. This generation is overwhelmingly in favor of organized atheism becoming a values-based movement that will actively change the world for the better and bring atheists and atheism a good name. And in wise accordance, the SSA has more actively and openly accepted and supported feminism, diversity, and social justice causes as a necessary adjunct to its mission than any other national organization for atheists.

If you want to grow the presence of organized atheism in the next generation, and if you want atheists to be at the forefront of making the world a better place, the Secular Student Alliance is by far the number one organization you should support. They have done great things. With the same funding as their Christian competitors, they could do even greater things.

$15 for '15 Campaign Update!


Hello friends,

As August told you on Monday, we just launched our $15 for ‘15 campaign, and are encouraging people to give $15 a month throughout 2015 to make it the best year ever for secular students!

Our volunteers, students, staff members, and Board Members are sharing their stories about what they are excited about, and I wanted to share some quotes from these stories.

Nancy Martin, Chair of the SSA Board of Directors: “While there are many exciting activities and programs within SSA, a new program has me beaming with pride to be part of this organization. That program is our scholarship program. Our initial grants have plenty of room to grow, and I can see a future where we can offer full-tuition scholarships thanks to generous supporters!”

Northwestern Oklahoma State University Secular Student Alliance: “We want to show the religious individuals both on campus and around the community that even without religion, one can lead a moral life and help to improve the world for all. A huge thank you to the donors and supporters of the SSA! We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for your help!"

Fred Edwords, National Director of the United Coalition of Reason and member of the SSA’s Speakers Bureau: “Because of the SSA's expanding support of affiliate groups this year and its energetic lauding of those with standout activities, I see 2015 as a bumper year for developing new creativity on campus and thereby bringing it to the work of all the secular organizations across the country.”

There are many more stories from people passionate about the SSA: you can read them here, and we will be adding more all the time.

Secular Start Up: December Monthly Update


Secular Start Up is the finest (and only) official video advice series from the Secular Student Alliance, put on by our Communications Associate, Kelley Freeman, and our Regional Program Manager, Gordon Maples. It originally started in August of 2013, when neither of them even lived in the same state.

This week is the Monthly Update, a monthly video about the goings on with the national Secular Student Alliance that highlights specific issues and events groups are tackling. A different staff person will also be introduced at the beginning of each monthly update. December's staff person is August Brunsman, Executive Director! This month's update talks about the Call to Action for Ferguson, Darwin Day, the $15 for '15 campaign, our most recent hire, and ending your semester with a solstice celebration

Secular Student Alliance Hiring Strategic Communications Contractor


Everyday, brave students willing to be open as atheists, agnostics, and humanists stand up for their rights, normalize not believing in any gods, and spread secular values. We want you to ensure that they get the media coverage they deserve as a key part of the Secular Student Alliance's Communications Team. 

We have just updated our organizational Mission, Vision, Core Values, and created a five-year Strategic Plan. We are seeking professional assistance in implementing the communications-related parts of our plan over the next six to twelve months.

Our plan outlines a significant new focus for us on engaging secular students who haven’t always felt welcome by the secular movement (e.g. women, racial minorities). These documents also have a major focus on encouraging secular students to collaborate with those in intersecting social justice movements (e.g. LGBT, reproductive justice, sex education, science education). We want to help the world understand that the Secular Student Alliance is a movement made up of secular students who value diversity and value making the world a better place for everyone.


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