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Secular Student Alliance Takes Leading Role in President's Interfaith Challenge


Washington, DC - After several years of attending, the Secular Student Alliance is stepping up next week to help facilitate the Fourth National Gathering of the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge. This event is a leaders' summit for campus organizations focused on interfaith community service.

This is the first year that the Secular Student Alliance is involved in planning the event, and they are an official cosponsor of the evening reception on September 22nd. Five representatives of the Secular Student Alliance will be attending the summit to demonstrate that non-religious individuals are invested in working with religious individuals to make their communities better.

“Our students are involved with service projects on their campuses every week of the school year. Secular students are excited to work alongside religious students on their campuses to make our shared world a better place  By being a part of interfaith work, secular students make their communities stronger, and dispel the stereotypes that come with being secular,” says August Brunsman, the Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance.

SSA Proud to Sponsor Moving Social Justice


Regional Program Expansion


We are thrilled to share with you the expansion of our Regional Program! Started in 2012, the Regional Program provides hands-on, designated support to our students and affiliate groups through Regional Campus Organizers (RCOs). When we first started the program, we had one full-time RCO in the Southeast, and one part-time RCO in Texas.


Last year we grew this program even further, expanding coverage to four additional states. And, for this school year, the Regional Program will be growing even more. We are thrilled with the four regions we have for this upcoming school year: The Mideast, The South Central, The Southwest, and The Southeast regions, which cover nineteen states and fifty-five percent of our affiliate groups! Students in these areas have a friendly face on the ground to help them with events and questions.

SSA Student Amanda Scott Featured in Anniston Alabama Editorial


Insight: Alabama's quest for equality

In a government of the people and for the people, a number of groups have done quite well in getting the majority to accept that they are indeed people worthy of participating in the political process. No more do black citizens fear the night riders with guns and torches should they dare to show up at City Hall with a petition. LGBT folks are getting elected in greater numbers, and there are no laws barring them from holding public office.

Certainly, these groups still face challenges in achieving equality in the political and other arenas in U.S. life. However, despite the fact that our Constitution states “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States,” seven states ban atheists from holding office. And while Alabama is not one of the places that have these unconstitutional provisions as law, bigots are hiding behind false e-mail accounts to drive out those who they believe are unworthy to participate in government.

Amanda Scott, 21, is a student at Faulkner State Community College. On June 19, she testified before her local county commission against a resolution to display a plaque reading “In God We Trust” at the Mobile Government Plaza. When the commission voted 2-1 to approve the plaque, Amanda testified once more.

This time, she spoke up to support a proposal that would allow other individuals and groups to put up their own plaques. Scott, along with the Mobile atheist community, suggested an “In Reason We Trust” plaque to accompany the pro-religion sign piece. Once again, the commission voted against the requests of the non-religious constituents.


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