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Awesome Interfaith Panel by Ferris State


SSA affiliates and members are doing awesome stuff on their campus all the time. We brag about their work here on our website through the Brag It Up series. If you or your affiliate group has done something awesome, Brag It Up!

While some non-theists may disagree, working with interfaith groups on campuses can be a great way to spread acceptance and understanding of atheist and agnostic students. As such, our affiliate groups are often leaders on their campuses in interfaith causes, and the Secular Student Alliance of Ferris State University in Michigan is no exception. Earlier this year, their leadership put together a response to an unkind article about atheists in their campus newspaper, and worked all semester long to put together an Interfaith panel for the end of the semester.

“It’s a common misconception that we’re just here to bash Christianity,” SSA Vice President and Business Administration/Legal Studies junior Corinne Staten said. “That’s not what we’re about. It’s not about a war on religion.”

Ferris State with JeremiahThe Secular Student Alliance of Ferris State University brought in Jeremiah Bannister to represent the atheist perspective in their interfaith panel, which also had representatives from the Muslim Student Organization and Real Life Christian group on their campus. Their event lasted over two hours and had over 250 attendants - Vice President Corinne Staten says it would have gone longer, but the university made them wrap it up. 

Afterwards, the panelists and respective student organizations enjoyed a long dinner and chat. They have plans to host more events together in the spring.

When asked how the SSA empowered them to put together this event, leadership at Ferris State said, "If it wasn't for SSA, we wouldn't be an organization. We would just be a group of misfits. We're glad that we got ahold of Jeremiah! Jessika Griffin, the Mideast Regional Campus Organizer, is amazing. She helped us through the entire process. None of this would be possible without SSA and we are glad to be a part of such a great organization!"

Great work, SSA of Ferris State! We look forward to what the spring semester brings!

$15 for '15: Amanda Scott


Amanda Scott, a student member of the SSA and winner of an Award for Outstanding Activism, talks about she chose to join our $15 for '15 campaign. You can join the $15 for '15 campaign and be a part of our future!


My name is Amanda Scott, and I am a student member of the Secular Student Alliance. Over the last month, they have shared stories with you from people who are passionate about their work as part of their $15 for '15 campaign. I wanted to share with you why I, as a student and activist, chose to join this campaign with a donation to the Secular Student Alliance.

You can join the $15 for '15 campaign here!

You probably remember my story. After coordinating an effort against displaying an "In God We Trust" plaque at the Mobile Government Plaza in Alabama, the local CBS affiliate posed a question about me personally to their viewers on Facebook. They asked, “What are your thoughts on a local woman who wants to see an atheist motto placed next to the words 'In God We Trust' at Government Plaza?”

In response, members of the local community commented, “Shoot her for treason,” “Go jump off a bridge,” “Get a rope,” “Whatever happened to stoning people in the city square?” and “If you don’t believe in God, how can God or the word God offend you? I wish people like this would walk into traffic.”

The secular community rushed to my defense. The Secular Student Alliance recognized my activism by honoring me with an Award for Outstanding Activism, and passed on hundreds of emails telling me how they admired me for standing up for secular principles and withstanding the backlash from my local community. These messages of support keep me motivated to keep being a secular activist!

Donating to the Secular Student Alliance’s $15 for ’15 campaign is my way of giving back to the organization that gave me support when I needed it the most.

Join me in ensuring secular students have the support they need by giving $15 per month throughout 2015. Some people can give less, others more. Wherever you are at, come and join us.

Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Give to Women and Children in Need


SSA affiliates and members are doing awesome stuff on their campus all the time. We brag about their work here on our website through the Brag It Up series. If you or your affiliate group has done something awesome, Brag It Up!

ahaEvery semester, dozens of our affiliate groups participate in service projects and the Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is among them. They are a group that is always doing really fantastic things - they were a pioneer group for Graveyard of the Gods, they host an annual conference each year, invade their state capital for the holidays, and so much more.  

This year, for the third year in a row, AHA at UW-Madison has partnered with the Domestic Abuse Intervention Services to help out a local women's shelter for the holiday season. Thanks to contributions from members, AHA were able to donate $155 in gifts. Those gifts, ranging from stuffed animals and games to pajamas and bathrobes, will go to women and children staying in the shelter over the holidays.

"Most of our money for this was raised through tabling at our events, so SSA pamphlets and swag definitely helped draw people to our table," stated Darcy Davis, Technology Chair of AHA.

Good on AHA for raising money for an organization in their community that does such great work! It is so amazing to see affiliate groups working to combat larger, intersectional issues on their campuses. We love to see our affiliate groups do service around the holidays - that represents a focus on service and bettering our communities that we are proud to make a crucial part of the future of the SSA.

As AHA has shown us in the past, they are capable of amazing and wonderful things. We sincerely look forward to everything they do in future and what is in store for next semester.

$15 for '15: Richard Carrier, Author and Speakers Bureau Member


Richard Carrier, an author and member of our Speakers Bureau, talks about what excites him about working with us and the future of the Secular Student Alliance. You can join the $15 for '15 campaign and be a part of our future!

RichardThe Secular Student Alliance has so excelled professionally and institutionally over the last ten years that it has now become the model I hold all other movement organizations up to. And not only because it has been incomparably successful in expanding its membership and providing good quality and very real financial, physical, social and institutional support for all the groups it continues to create on campuses across the U.S. No one has come close to doing that so well, and their efforts on that score are invaluable and will in the long run be world-changing.

But also because the SSA has fully embraced the perspectives and interests of the next generation, an essential decision for securing longevity and recruiting the otherwise largely untapped pool of young atheists, who now exist in enormous numbers. This generation is overwhelmingly in favor of organized atheism becoming a values-based movement that will actively change the world for the better and bring atheists and atheism a good name. And in wise accordance, the SSA has more actively and openly accepted and supported feminism, diversity, and social justice causes as a necessary adjunct to its mission than any other national organization for atheists.

If you want to grow the presence of organized atheism in the next generation, and if you want atheists to be at the forefront of making the world a better place, the Secular Student Alliance is by far the number one organization you should support. They have done great things. With the same funding as their Christian competitors, they could do even greater things.


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