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Secular Student Movement Update


Every week, the SSA prepares a summary of what the secular student movement is doing. To hear this update and news from the secular movement, tune into the SCA's National Secular Movement Update every Thursday at 12PM ET.

Presented by Kelley Freeman, Communications Associate at the Secular Student Alliance.

bereaService and advocacy remain the two main focus areas of secular student activities this semester.  Students are tackling issues such as state funding of the Kentucky "Ark Park"women's reproductive rights, unconstitutional prayers, and sexual assault. Student groups are also taking part in a variety of service projects, including the Light The Night Walk, fundraising for a memorial scholarship, food bank volunteering, campus clean-up projects, and a number of other projects. These projects can be fantastic opportunities for campus and off-campus groups to collaborate, so reach out to the secular student group near you to see what projects they're involved in and how you can help.

For more information, questions, comments or additions to student-led efforts in the secular movement, contact ssa@secularstudents.org.

University of Nevada-Reno hosts Matt Dillahunty!


SSA affiliates and members are doing awesome stuff on their campus all the time. We brag about their work here on our website through the Brag It Up series.  If you or your affiliate group has done something awesome, Brag It Up!

After the success the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Nevado-Reno had with inviting Dan Barker to speak this past April, the officer team in Reno was eager to invite more speakers to our campus. A fantastic opportunity came along with the announcement of a West Coast tour by one of the most respected secular speakers on the circuit: Matt Dillahunty, co-host of the Atheist Experience TV show was conducting a multi date tour in California! 

Secular Invocation Inspires Community


Hello friends!

This is a time of year when our affiliate groups are in full swing, holding events and taking action on their campuses. But one of the things we love to see is our affiliate groups stepping up and making a difference beyond their campuses.

James Delivering his secular Invocation
James from UCF delivering his secular invocation.

In the wake of the Greece v. Galloway Supreme Court decision, more and more secular people have been stepping up and delivering invocations in their towns. Our students have been a part of making sure that all people, regardless of their worldview, will feel included at city council meetings.

Students supporting Jeff during his invocation.
Students supporting James as he gives a secular invocation!

In fact, last Tuesday, October 7th, James, the Vice President of the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Central Florida, delivered one of these invocations in his home town of Ocoee! When James gave this invocation, he was making sure secular people in his town weren’t excluded from meetings and was helping to strengthen the secular community in the area.

You see, not only was James supported by members of the SSA at UCF, he was also joined by members of another affiliate group, the Secular Student Alliance at Valencia, and two different local off-campus communities! Steffen, the SSA at Valencia’s founder, was so excited his group could be a part of the first ever secular invocation at Ocoee city hall, calling it a, “big step for a better future."

Students for Free-thought Counter Anti-Abortion Chalking on Their Campus


SSA affiliates and members are doing awesome stuff on their campus all the time. We brag about their work here on our website through the Brag It Up series. If you or your affiliate group has done something awesome, Brag It Up!

More and more of our affiliate groups are getting involved with intersectional issues on their campus, be it LGBT rights, environmental causes, or reproductive rights. For example, every year at the University of Michigan-Flint, their anti-abortion campus group participates in “Pro-Life Chalk Day” with messages intended to shame women who choose to have an abortion. In previous years, no other groups had responded to this event on campus.

Chalking at UM-Flint

But this year, the Students for Free-thought at the University of Michigan-Flint chose to respond. They chalked positive messages alongside Students for Lifes’ messages, including "If it's YOUR choice, it's the right choice,” "Safe and Legal Abortions Save Lives," "Pro-Women, Pro-Choice," "Keep Abortion Legal," and "My Body, My Choice." They had five members helping out throughout the day, and many more people stopped by to check out what they were doing!


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