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Put Your Secular Values on YouTube This Election Season

Update: Secular Values Voter video entries for the YouTube Challenge are now online. Deadline to submit your own is October 24.

The Secular Coalition for America wants to make you a rock star! Record a 30-second YouTube video of yourself asking the candidates a question that's important to you as a Secular Values Voter in the 2008 election. If your video is chosen, it'll appear on the Coalition's Election Resources 2008 site and you'll get a prize: Secular Values Voter swag. Take the YouTube Challenge today!

Express Yourself in a HumanLight Design Contest


HumanLightHumanLight is a holiday celebrated around December 23rd specifically to acknowledge reason, family, friendship, and other shared, secular values of humankind. To learn more, visit the website: http://www.humanlight.org.

Inmates Can Reform Without Religion

Activist: Inmates Can Recover Without Religion

Freethought Books Project Challenges Faith-Based Dominance in Prisons

Portland, OR - Prisoners can reform without God, atheist activist says.

The Freethought Books Project, founded by activist Leslie A. Zukor of the Reed Secular Alliance, has been promoting secular reform among prisoners since the fall of 2005. The group has collected over 2,000 books free of religious content and distributed them to prison libraries, individual inmates, and prison-donating organizations.

Welcome to Our New Senior Campus Organizer

By August E. Brunsman IV, Executive Director

Lyz Liddell, SCOIt gives me great pleasure to announce that Lyz Liddell will be joining our staff as senior campus organizer. Lyz has been volunteering as the Editor-in-Chief for the Secular Student Alliance's eMpirical for over two years--so she should already be very familiar to most of you.


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