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In Oklahoma, Religion Trumps a Real Education


miraclehappens.jpgFrom Friendlyatheist.com:

A bill just passed through the Oklahoma House of Representatives that allows students to express their religious viewpoints without being penalized for it.

On the surface, House Bill 2211 (RTF file) sounds like a nod to religious freedom. A good thing.

However, this legislation actually has the potential to be disastrous. Says Dave McNeely of The Edmond Sun:

If a student's religious beliefs were in conflict with scientific theory, and the student chose to express those beliefs rather than explain the theory in response to an exam question, the student's incorrect response would be deemed satisfactory, according to this bill.

The school would be required to reward the student with a good grade, or be considered in violation of the law. Even simple, factual information such as the age of

the earth (4.65 billion years) would be subject to the student's belief, and if the student answered 6,000 years based on his or her religious belief, the school would have to credit it as correct. Science education becomes absurd under such a situation.

In other words, the {included} cartoon would be describing acceptable classroom work!

Applications Available for Secular Student Alliance 2008 Best Awards


By Leslie Zukor

Does your group's website get zillions of hits a day? Have you raised $1,000 for children with cancer? Is your club simply superlative when it comes to lectures held, achievements earned, and fabulous secular fun had? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you should submit a Best Award application.

Paid Northern California Campus Organizing Internship


students talkingThe Secular Student Alliance is seeking applicants for its northern California Campus Organizing Internship (COI). This internship pays $10/hr. and all expenses are covered. This internship will require approximately 10 hours a week. The internship will start in mid to late March and last through late May or early June of 2008 with an option to extend the internship or restart it in the fall.

SSA eMpirical No. 27


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