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New SSA Resources for Student Groups

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One of the most important things the SSA does for its affiliates is provide those student groups with services and resources. You can always find these listed at our Group Services page. We've been adding and revising those resources over the summer and are excited to bring them to your attention!

A Harvard Student's Experience at the Secular Student Alliance Conference


Andrew MaherAs an officer for the Harvard Secular Society, I had the opportunity in June to attend a major humanist conference in Washington, DC, thanks to some generous funding from the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard and the Secular Student Alliance (SSA).

This conference was held jointly by the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), the American Humanist Association (AHA), and the SSA. The IHEU is an organization that includes Humanist, rationalist, secular, atheist, and other non-theist groups from all over the world. The AHA is a domestic organization that aims to promote the ideals of humanism, and the SSA seeks to mobilize young people to become activists for secular causes. The other Harvard attendees were Kelly Bodwin, an undergraduate; Jon Figdor and Sebastian Velez, graduate students; and Greg Epstein, the Humanist chaplain.

Welcome New Affiliates!


The SSA is growing faster than ever! Since the beginning of April, we've gained seventeen new affiliate groups and now have a total of 151 affiliate groups. We had only 90 groups as we headed into fall of 2007-the secular student movement really seems to be coming into its own. Let's welcome our new members!

Atheism at Dartmouth

Alex DiBranco

This is the first of a three-part series by Alex DiBranco.

"Now that I know atheists can be moral-" I burst into laughter, interrupting Catherine, a Dartmouth junior and Catholic friend of mine. She frowned. "I'm serious," she said, continuing with her statement-now that she knew, she could possibly date an atheist.

When I decided to write an article looking into perspectives on atheism for my journalism class, I wasn't quite prepared for many of the responses I would get, even from amongst my own friends. The default assumption that atheists cannot be moral could still bring me to occasional incredulous laughter at the end of my research, despite having been confronted with a number of responses from intelligent young persons, my peers, telling me that, as an atheist, I lack morals.


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