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First Freedom First Simulcast Event in a Theater Near You


37 Cities to Feature Movie Theater Event Focusing on Need for Church-State Separation in 2008 Elections

Student Government: Atheist Student Alliance funding disputed

USF Sentate
From front to back: Ryan Iacovacci, Peter Baker,
Benjamin Brown and Kenan Arodak debated funding for the Atheist Student Alliance at Tuesday's SG Senate Meeting. ORACLE PHOTO/MIKE WILSON

This story originally appeared in the Oracle (the campus newspaper of the University of South Florida) on 3/19/08, and is used by permission.
Article by Candace Kaw, Staff Writer for the Oracle.

A bill for funding for the Atheist Student Alliance was passed after heavy debate during Tuesday's SG Senate meeting, after senators said the group was immoral and had requested too much money.

Bill 48-055 requested $1171.30 for the club and was sponsored by Sen. Dan Shelnutt of the Interim Funding and Transfers Committee. Of that money, $775 was requested for food for meet-and-greets, Bull Market booths, meetings and guest lectures.

Sen. Charles Sherrard, who is majoring in political science, voted against the bill.

"I disapprove. These kinds of organizations are dangerous for our society," Sherrard said.

SSA eMpirical No. 27.5 - Time to Make the Conference

Paid Southern California Campus Organizing Internship


Students TalkingThe Secular Student Alliance is seeking applicants for its Southern California Campus Organizing Internship (COI). This internship pays $10/hr. and all expenses are covered. This internship will require approximately 10 hours a week. The internship will start in late March or early April and last through early June of 2008 with an option to extend the internship or restart it in the fall. We are willing to be somewhat flexible in terms of time and stipend to meet academic requirements.

While approximately half of the work for this position can be done from any location of the Campus Organizing Intern's choosing, the other half will involve working directly on campuses in Southern California. Again, all travel costs will be covered. The position offers a highly flexible schedule.

The Campus Organizing Intern will help organize and support students who do not see theism as the source of morality--this includes atheists, agnostics, humanists, brights, rationalists and other non-theists. Duties will include working in person and remotely with student groups on campuses in Southern California to improve their operations, provide them with resources and network them with each other and the broader secular movement. SSA senior staff will provide training, direction, and assistance with all of these tasks. The COI will also work to start groups on campuses without groups via flyering, tabling and networking. The position will involve some traveling, public speaking, record keeping, lots of phone and email communication, and some possible resource development.


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