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Student Perspective on 2009 American Humanist Association Conference

PZ Myers
PZ Myers clasps the Holy Bible as he accepts the 2009 Humanist of the Year Award

Last weekend, over three hundred people gathered in Tempe, AZ for the 68th annual American Humanist Association conference. Speakers included Dr. PZ Myers, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Dr. Donald Johanson (discoverer of "Lucy").

August Brunsman, SSA's executive director, and Lyz Liddell, SSA's campus organizer, presented a session at the conference about making local American Humanist Association chapters welcoming to recent graduates.

Leslie Zukor, leader of the Reed Secular Alliance, blogged about her experiences in four parts. She took some really good photos!

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

The conference also attracted some media attention of both a serious (Phoenix Metro News and AZ Central) and whimsical nature (Phoenix New Times).

RELEASE: Proselytizing Public School Teacher is at it Again!

Matt LaClair
Matthew LaClair
Released June 5, 2009
Contact: Matthew LaClair
Proselytizing Public School Teacher Leads Field Trip to Creation Museum

KEARNY, N.J. - The teacher who made headlines in 2007 over his classroom proselytizing is again trying to use taxpayer dollars to promote his religious agenda.

According to Secular Student Alliance board member Matthew LaClair, Mr. David Paszkiewicz attempted to utilize school funds and equipment to promote a student group field trip to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY. The trip is scheduled to take place June 5- 7. If not for LaClair's whistle-blowing, school funds and equipment would have been used for the trip.

Paszkiewicz was the center of a 2007 legal case over his use of public school classroom time to proselytize students and endorse Biblical creationism. It was LaClair who, as a student, exposed this illegal action by recording the lectures and informing the media. The case received world-wide media attention, including coverage by The New York Times.

This latest turn of events occurred "after the training was conducted for the teachers by the Anti-Defamation League and after the speakers came to our school. It is clear he did not learn anything," said LaClair.

UnitedCOR Essay Contest: Good Without God


The United Coalition of Reason is delighted to announce an essay contest as part of our upcoming Good Without God campaign tied not only to a social movement but to a book that's being published in the fall. Please forward this message as widely as possible and help us unite the millions of voices of reason across the country.

Atheists Hit with Death Threats


The National Student has discovered that a death threat made during an atheist event in Leeds is the latest example of ongoing opposition and alleged prejudice towards atheist societies on campus.

During an event held between April 19th - 25th called 'Rationalist Week 09' organised by Leeds University Atheist Society and billed as 'the country's largest atheist festival' a member of the society allegedly received a face to face death threat.


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