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Secular Student Alliance Open House - June 17th


1515 W. Lane Ave.The Secular Student Alliance has moved into its new office space at 1515 W. Lane Ave. Rm. 101 in Upper Arlington, OH. We're delighted to be sharing this space with Camp Quest and the Humanist Community of Central Ohio.

All three organizations are having an open house between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 17th. Everyone is welcome! Come and learn about what SSA, Camp Quest, and HCCO are doing to spread secular values in central Ohio and around the country (and even world).

We're located one block east of the Lane Avenue Mall (which has a stop for the #84 bus). There is ample parking around the building.

facebookYou can RSVP and share this event with your friends on Facebook.

Can't make it to our open house? Come to the Secular Student Alliance conference August 7-9 on the campus of Ohio State University.

American Humanist Association Presents: "Secular Principles Pinky Swear"

Secular Pinky Swear

The "Silver Ring Thing" has met its match!

Spread the word about the American Humanist Association's
"Secular Principles Pinky Swear!"

The Secular Student Alliance Is Sending PZ Myers to the Creation Museum

PZ MyersAnyone who follows PZ Myers' blog Pharyngula knows how he feels about Ken Ham's infamous, biblically-literal Creation Museum. However, all his observations have been made from afar...until now!

Secular Student Alliance 2009 Conference Registration Now Open!


Register today for the Secular Student Alliance 2009 Conference!

  • Humanists form Four ContinentsHappy Hour and keynote speech with PZ Myers.
  • "How to Debate" with Dan Barker.
  • Meet the new Executive Director for the Secular Coalition for America.
  • Hemant Mehta, the Friendly Atheist, talks about his new summer project.
  • Solve your group's problems with advice from your peers.
  • Meet and network with secular student group leaders from all over the country.
  • And much more!

Sound like a great opportunity? It's the Secular Student Alliance's 2009 Conference! Events run from August 7 - 9, 2009 at the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.



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