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SSA eMpirical No. 25 - The Holidays Are Here

Secular Student eMpirical

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Tax funding of religion? Harassment of atheist soldiers? It's all in a year's work for the secular lobbyist

The Secular Student Alliance is a founding member of the Secular Coalition for America, the national lobby for atheists, humanists, freethinkers, and other nontheistic Americans. The face of Capitol Hill changed in January of 2007. Some wondered if lobbying work at the Secular Coalition for America would change, too. Would the new majority embrace its power to protect separation of religion and government? Find out in the Secular Coalition for America's 2007 Year-End Report, now on the Web as the 110th Congress reaches its midpoint.

Faithlessness on the rise?


Reprinted with permission from the Brown Daily Herald

By: Joanna Sharpless

Posted: 11/7/07

Faith on Campus: Second in a series on religious life at the University.


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