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Secular Student Alliance Seeks Summer Interns


We are no longer accepting applications for summer internships. If you would like to be considered for a fall internship, let us know.

Have a voice (and a vote) in the future of secularism


We want to make sure that you know a few important facts about the Secular Student Alliance in time for your voice to be heard.

First, the Secular Student Alliance is a democratic* organization. Everyone who joins gets to vote on members of our Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for making sure the Alliance thrives and is true to its mission.

Secular Student Alliance and Darwin Day In the News


Recent coverage of the Secular Student Alliance and Darwin Day:

Rationalists and FreeThinkers on TV News Last Night!


The Secular Student Alliance affiliated Rationalists and FreeThinkers were featured last night (Sunday February 17th, 2008) on CBS2--in a segment titled The Atheist Next Door.

A wonderful placement for RAFT! Check out the segment (click Read More to see the clip).


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