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Atheist Appeal: University of Oregon's Alliance of Happy Atheists

AHA protesting
AHA students countering campus proselytizers. Oregon Daily Emerald PHOTO/Ivar Vong I
Standing outside the EMU Amphitheatre, University freshman Greg Kirby holds a white sign. It reads, "Ask an Atheist Anything." Kirby, the vice president of the recently formed Alliance of Happy Atheists student group, discusses religion with people as they pass by, while promoting the group's weekly Thursday meetings.

A group of eight organizers has been meeting since January, but has only hosted public meetings since April. On April 10, 90 students gathered for AHA's first meeting.

Hemant Mehta at Carnegie Mellon University


Despite the recent surge of best-selling books promoting atheism, atheists are often portrayed negatively in the popular press; and stories about grouchy atheists trying to win various lawsuits largely dominate popular perception of the non-religious demographic.

Housing and Registration Rates for SSA 2009 Conference


The 2009 SSA conference will be held August 7 - 9, 2009, at the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. We now have posted Registration and Housing rates as well as Program Highlights.

Many universities offer funding for students to attend leadership training conferences. Check with your university and see what opportunities are available!

Iowa State's Atheist & Agnostic Society: Don't Tolerate Intolerance


Iowa State University's Atheist and Agnostic Society heard about an upcoming campus visit by a traveling Christian preacher of intolerant views. Rather than organize a loud, angry protest (or getting arrested!), they chose to organize a (Mostly) Silent Protest, inviting several other campus groups who support tolerance and diversity. Anastasia Bodnar, president of ISUAAS, wrote this article for the group's blog.

Our (Mostly) Silent Protest Against Tom Short on Wednesday (15 April 2009) was a great success, thanks in part to the ISU LGBTA Alliance getting the message to their members. Campus Pastor Jim Shirbroun and Campus Minister Chris Hockley along with students from the Wesley Foundation of the Collegiate Methodist Church were also invited and attended the protest.


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