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Virginia Atheist Association Celebrates Darwin Day...All Week

The SSA affiliated Virginia Atheist Association of the University of Virginia has a week of Darwin Day events planned. Here is how they plan to celebrate:

Coming Out As An Atheist/Agnostic
We'll be swapping stories about how we "lost god" (or never really found him in the first place), and about "coming out of the confession booth". Monday Feb. 11, at 7 PM

RELEASE: Darwin's Birthday Celebrated Across the County


Happy Birthday Chuck!For Release: IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT
Contact August E. Brunsman IV (518) 632-4139x3

Feb. 7, 2008

Feb. 12 is "Darwin Day" -- Students Celebrate B'day of Evolution Champ

ALBANY, N.Y. - This Feb. 12 is the 199th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth.

RELEASE: U. of Washington Secular Student Union Celebrates Darwin Day


Darwin Day 2008For Release: IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT
Contact: Michael Amini, mgamini(AT)u.washington(DOT)edu

Feb. 12 is "Darwin Day"
UW's SSU Celebrates Birthday of Evolution Champ

Note to time and date: The festivities will commence at 4 p.m. on Feb. 12. in Gowen Hall room 301 on the campus of the University of Washington. At 6 p.m. the Darwin Fish Fry will be at McMahon 8 (in McMahon hall) - a special Darwin-Day menu, including Darwin Fish, and potentially including primordial stew, Darwin's Finches (chicken), among other fun dishes.

Seattle, WA: This Feb. 12 is the 199th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth.

We will be celebrating by holding a free screening of youtube's "Made Easy" series, a collection of easy to understand videos explaining the origin of the universe, species and man, provided generously by PotHoler54. There will be a follow-up Q&A regarding Darwin, Evolution, and the Secular Student Alliance. Northwest Fish & Chips will also be generously hosting the follow-up Darwin Fish Fry.

"There is a load of misinformation regarding Mr. Darwin and his dangerous idea. Today, we celebrate and honor the man without the myth by studying the facts of his theory and its implications," Secular Student Union officer Michael Amini said.

Rice U. Celebrates Darwin Day

The Secular Students of Rice are organizing Houston Darwin Day 2008. Group president Alex Gorischek shared the following information about their event:


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