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Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers Leadership Grant Opportunity


$500 educational grant for military & nontheist leadership and activism!

Applications taken through October 13th, 2009

Starting the New Semester with the Secular Student Alliance

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Starting the New Semester
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Hello, Freethought Group Leaders!

It's been a great summer here at the Secular Student Alliance! We had an awesome conference, an exciting trip to the Creation Museum that drew national media attention (almost 300 atheists attended!), and have been hard at work finding new and innovative ways to help you run your student groups.

We hope that your summer was fun and relaxing, and that you're excited to get started on a fun year of exciting events. We're just as excited to help you pull off all the fun and creative ideas you have!

As always, feel free to contact me if your group needs anything. Having full-time staff to help support your group is one of our most valuable resources - and we want you to take advantage of it!

Video: Secular Student Alliance 2009 Conference Keynote Speech by PZ Myers


Biologist and blogger PZ Myers delivered the keynote address at the Secular Student Alliance 2009 Conference on 8/8/09.

Secular Student Alliance Trip to the Creation Museum Documented in Skeptics Among Us: Atheists Visit the Creation Museum


On August 7th, 2009, over 300 atheists, agnostics, humanists, and freethinkers participated in the Secular Student Alliance's group trip to the Creation Museum with science blogger PZ Myers. Around the Secular Student Alliance office, our favorite part so far is that Ken Ham (founder of Answers in Genesis, the organization behind the museum) actually wrote on his official blog that our own Lyz Liddell "she was a pleasure to deal with-always courteous and polite-what one would expect from a professional organizer." The event has was also covered by both the ABC and USA Today news blogs and Science + Religion Today.

Independent video producer Paige E. Malott came with us that day and she made her own 30-minute video about our trip titled Skeptics Among Us: Atheists Visit the Creation Museum. Enjoy!


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