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When Creationists "Promote" Darwin's Work


Change Your Group Name & Support the Movement: Become a Branded Affiliate!

Proud Affiliate
The Secular Student Alliance is excited to announce our new Branded Affiliates program for our affiliate campus groups. Now, simply by changing or adding to your group's name, you can help support the entire secular student movement!

The idea behind the program is very simple: your group chooses to use the name "Secular Student Alliance at YOUR SCHOOL" as its name, or add "An affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance" to your official name. It is our belief that more groups using the same name will increase visibility and recognition of secular student groups across the country. It helps people recognize our organization locally and nationally, connects your group to an existing network including many other student groups, and creates momentum for the freethought movement at large.

The only thing we ask of your group is that you electronically agree to the terms of our Name Use Agreement. We don't ask for dues; we don't want to micromanage your group; we won't require that you do X, Y or Z. We just want to extend the visibility and recognition of a national name to your group.

Secular Student Alliance Speakers Bureau Encourages Dialogue with Rev. Jonathan Weyer


Rev. Jonathan WeyerThe Secular Student Alliance is pleased to announce that we have added the Reverend Jonathan Weyer to our Speakers Bureau. While Rev. Weyer is an ordained orthodox minister, he has an uncommon penchant for fostering dialogue and cooperation between the religious and the nonreligious.

Rev. Jonathan Weyer is a self described religious nutjob who lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Wendy, three kids and a cat. He is a campus minister at The Ohio State University with the CCO-The Cloister and is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Along with Ashley Paramore, board member of the SSA, he planned a discussion with Hemant Mehta that won a Multicultural award from the Ohio State University. He loves bringing together believers, nonbelievers, skeptics, atheists, and doubters to discuss why God calls people to a lifestyle of doubt. In his spare time, he loves to write, read and drink hard cider. He also maintains a blog for the Thomas Society at www.thomas2026.wordpress.com.

Atheist Blogger PZ Myers Joins Secular Student Alliance Speakers Bureau


PZ MyersThe Secular Student Alliance is pleased to announce that renowned atheist blogger PZ Myers has joined our Speakers Bureau!


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