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The Secular Student Alliance 2009 Conference: Freethinking Friends & Secular Cephalopods

con group 09 squid-y
Conference attendees getting down with their cephalopod selves!

Blag Hag Blogathon Success!


Blag HagJen McCreight is the author of Blag Hag, the ramblings of a liberal, geeky, nerdy, scientific, perverted atheist girl trapped in the Midwest. On July 25th, she embarked on a 24-hour Blogathon to raise funds for the Secular Student Alliance.

July 26, 9:00am: I MADE IT
And the Blogathon is over! Ahahahaha, success! Not once did I fall asleep, and I'm sure I only humiliated myself a couple of times rather than constantly. And more importantly...

We raised $531.17 for the Secular Student Alliance! (It just keeps going up!)

RELEASE: Over 250 Atheists to Visit Creation Museum

July 30, 2009
For release: immediately upon receipt
Contact: Lyz Liddell, (614) 441-9588

Over 250 Atheists to Visit Creation Museum

COLUMBUS, OH - Over 250 atheists, including popular atheist blogger PZ Myers, are set to descend on the biblically-inspired Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY.

The Creation Museum Trip Just Got Better!


Our good friend Jen over at Blag Hag has pointed out that we'll have some wonderful programming during our visit to the Creation Museum with PZ Myers. The emphasis is Jen's, but we agree wholeheartedly.


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