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Video: Secular Student Alliance 2009 Conference Presentation by Dan Barker


At the Secular Student Alliance 2009 Conference in Columbus, OH, the Freedom from Religion Foundation's co-president Dan Barker gave a presentation about the FFRF, some of his early forays into freethought, and his enthusiasm for the student movement.

Now we've put the video online for you to enjoy and share with your friends and your freethought groups. Enjoy!

Purdue University: Non-theist Students Satirize Religion with Piracy

Talk Like A Pirate at PurdueThe Society of Non-Theists at Purdue University is gearing up for an exciting year! The group has already held discussion meetings and had a presentation about the Creation Museum.

We're throwing a non-party -- and you're not invited!


September 16, 2009

Dear friend of SSA,

Jonathan Sussman and Amber Scott, our interns at the Secular Student Alliance this past summer, are leaving us to go back to school. We're really going to miss them -- they've done such an amazing job helping to plan our most successful conference ever, upgrading program packets for campus groups, beefing up our newsletter, and so much more. Because of their contributions, more student leaders are returning to school with all the tools they need to start and run groups for atheist, agnostic, and other freethinking students.

So ... we're going to throw Jon and Amber a farewell non-party!

And we've decided that YOU'RE NOT INVITED!

Release: Secular Student Alliance Reports Record Numbers of Atheist, Agnostic Students Organizing on Campus

Secular Student AllianceColumbus, OH - College students who consider themselves non-religious or doubting will return to campus this fall with a better chance than ever of finding or starting groups of like-minded young people, according to the Secular Student Alliance (SSA), the national umbrella organization for the secular student movement. The SSA's Labor Day 2009 count of campus affiliate groups is 159, up from 100 in 2008 and 80 in 2007.

"It's been a challenge to keep up with the demand for services, especially group-starting packets and follow-up," said Lyz Liddell, senior campus organizer. "That's a nice problem to have."


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