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This Week: Leadership Summit Dates, Speakers, Grants and More!


In this week's Affiliate Leader News:

Save the Dates: NorCal Leadership Summit
In 2010, the Secular Student Alliance will be holding two regional leadership summits in addition to our annual conference. Our first regional leadership summit will be held at Stanford University on February 13-14, 2010! Mark the dates on your calendar to join us for a weekend of leadership training, group-running seminars, networking with other secular campus group leaders, and fun!

Secular Student Alliance Members & Affiliates


The Secular Student Alliance sees a lot of confusion when it comes to ways that people can become a part of the organization. What does it mean to join? How do you become a member? How are groups involved as opposed to individuals?

There are two main ways to get involved with the Secular Student Alliance. Any individual person, regardless of age or student status, can join the SSA as a member. A student group can get involved with the SSA by applying to become an affiliate. Read on to learn the differences between the two and what it all means!

Secular Student Alliance 2009 Conference Audio Now Online!

Conference AudioThe Audio Archives from the 2009 Secular Student Alliance Conference are now online! Whether you missed the conference or just want to hear your favorite talk again, head to our conference Audio Archives to listen to the talks in an easy-to-use, iPod-compatible .mp3 format.

SSA Member Issues $50,000 Challenge to the Secular Community: Support the Secular Student Alliance

You did it! Hundreds of you answered Todd Stiefel's $50,000 challenge and you matched his whole challenge. You did it 13 days before his 12/21/09 deadline. Thank you so much! Of course, your gift today is just as important as ever. Please help build on this success and give today.

What level of support for a secular future makes you HAPPY and PROUD? Donate by Dec. 21 and your money will be matched dollar for dollar!

I salute Todd Stiefel for his matching offer, and am recommending to the Trustees of the Richard Dawkins Foundation that we should contribute. The Student Secular Alliance is the future. Or it had better be, if there is to be any future worth having! - Richard Dawkins

Secular Student Alliance member Todd Stiefel knows that 2009 has been a fantastic growth year for the Secular Student Alliance. Not only has our affiliate count continued to rise dramatically (almost 20 new groups just since our August conference!), but SSA services have facilitated an incredible variety of campus activities and events promoting secular values and visibility for freethinking youth. (For more detail, be sure to read our Activity Summary.)

Recently Todd learned that the 2009 economy has presented difficult fundraising challenges for the Secular Student Alliance, a completely independent organization that relies entirely on the secular community to continue its work. From January 1, 2009 to October 1, 2009 the SSA took in approximately $93,000 -- a full $60,000 less than in the same period for 2008. Our successes are far outpacing our resources -- meaning we need more help than we've ever needed in order to accomplish more good than we've ever been in a position to accomplish.

Todd told us he wants to make 2009 as strong financially for SSA as it has been programmatically. He is offering a $50,000 matching challenge to the rest of the secular community to support the Secular Student Alliance.


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