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The Secular Student Alliance Interviewed on The Young Turks


Secular Student Alliance's Communications Director, Jesse Galef, was recently interviewed on the popular and influential talk/internet show The Young Turks. The 7-minute interview covered the controversy sparked by the Secular Coalition for America's policy briefing with the Obama administration and other news of the day.

Watch the interview on The Young Turks' Channel.

Openings for the SSA Board of Directors

SSA Logo
The Secular Student Alliance is looking for dedicated leaders who would like to run for positions on the SSA's Board of Directors! The SSA is a democratic organization and all SSA members are eligible to run for a position on the Board of Directors. Elections take place this May, and board terms are two years long.

This Week: Spring 2010 Affiliation Renewal

SSA logo
This Week:
Spring Affiliation Renewal

It's time for the Secular Student Alliance's Spring 2010 Affiliation Renewal! This is the semiannual survey which we administer to all our student groups in order to make sure you're still alive, see what you've been up to, and find out how we have (or haven't) been able to help.

Every SSA affiliate group is required to complete the Affiliation Renewal in order to remain affiliated with the SSA. (Even if you just affiliated last week!) If I do not receive a renewal form from your group, I will be contacting you to find out what happened! But you can save us both the game of phone tag if you just take the time this week to complete the form.

This Week: Get Ready to Renew!



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