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This Week: Spring 2010 Affiliation Renewal

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This Week:
Spring Affiliation Renewal

It's time for the Secular Student Alliance's Spring 2010 Affiliation Renewal! This is the semiannual survey which we administer to all our student groups in order to make sure you're still alive, see what you've been up to, and find out how we have (or haven't) been able to help.

Every SSA affiliate group is required to complete the Affiliation Renewal in order to remain affiliated with the SSA. (Even if you just affiliated last week!) If I do not receive a renewal form from your group, I will be contacting you to find out what happened! But you can save us both the game of phone tag if you just take the time this week to complete the form.

This Week: Get Ready to Renew!


Atheist Students and Leaders Participate in White House Briefing


This story originally appeared on Unreasonable Faith on March 1, 2010. Used here with permission.

By Jesse Galef

Secular Student Alliance offers student registration & travel grants for 2010 American Atheists' convention

UPDATE: The deadline for travel grants has passed.

American AtheistsThe Secular Student Alliance is proud to be partnering with American Atheists by providing student registration for their 2010 convention in Newark, New Jersey April 2-4th, 2010.


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